1 usefu diy jeans decoration ideas (3)

Everyone found pale of jeans when de-culture seasonal wardrobe every year. Jeans are essential clothing in every closet either feminine or masculine. After years wear when it started to apart don’t think about throwing it in waste.

Do something creative. Up-cycling jeans into subtle home craft for decoration purpose. It so easy and simple to convert old jeans into festive ones, jeans incredibly involve in different projects.

You can make anything with jeans to adorn home without spending extra budget. Artistic and whimsical diy projects are going to discuss here. Hope you’ll like it more.

Jeans mobile holder:

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Amazing! Upcycle jeans mobile phone pocket holder is wonderful solution to keep you phone secure when in charging mode. It seem stylish and attractive when hang on the wall.  Simply remove back pocket of jeans and attract it with jeans handle by cutting horizontal strip between the seams. It’s adorable mobile dock station hand with mobile charger.

Playful jean dog bed:

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Let you pet feel happier by designing comfortable and stylish bed. Think about something special which will surprise other. Bring out boyfriend jean, have no functional life, to shape playful pet bed. Jeans bed gives lap-like feeling to your pet. It attractive bag get focal charm if put at visible place inside the home. You can put them everywhere even in living room.

Woven laundry basket:

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Recycle denim jeans into laundry basket is ingenious idea spend productive life. Hand-woven laundry basket is dramatic solution to store clothing ready for visiting laundry.  Simple cut denim into stripes and passes through metal wire basket in simple woven pattern. It looks so beautiful. Sleek and stylish denim laundry basket brings incredible break-through in home ambiance.

Pretty jeans Placemat:

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Secure dining table surface with from scratch and wet by putting placemat on it. It you think about a placemat that is so charming, also productive, than go for this astonishing diy projective. Cost-effective and elegant jean crafted placemat show your taste.  Denim jeans brilliantly covet into placemat whom pocket is used for holding cutlery and napkin.

Diy round floor rug:

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Totally impressive, diy jeans floor rug is interesting decorative complement for every home. It suits to all interior decorations. It takes breath always when someone looks at once. Roundly shaped denim braided roll floor is cozy element best for living and bedroom decoration even you throw it under dining table or in front of lounge chair set for ready and napping purpose.

Cute jeans cushions:

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Make fun with interesting denim diy crafts. Keep your kids or teenager smile by putting their favorite character face shapes denim pillows or cushions. Denim richly involves in cushion designing yet here we bring these carton face cushions.  Must-have these lovely cushions to bring a twist in interior decoration.

Recycle jeans wall organizer:

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Here we bring amazing ideas that suit to every organized personality. You want to see everything on right place in right position than try this handsome diy project which convey incredible outcome without spending extra money. Jeans wall organization pocket are delightful solution. Simply cut out back pockets and sew them on denim sheet constructed by tailored jeans hem together.

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