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Dear! Today we once again come with a new craft that made with computer cd. You can make lots of things with recycling process of cd. This cd is easily available at your home so you not to buy from market. Its timeless and interesting activity keeps you busy in your spare time. With old cd you can craft wind chandelier,

tea matt, candle holder, wall frame, mirror, clock, planters and lots of other things. Visible image create on your wall with cd mirror, wall clock and attract coming people. Computer cd craft requite little material so you need not to worry about it. Look below!

Brilliant CD-Mirror:

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Recycle your old computer CD in to wall hanging mirror. It short time and easy craft make with little and budgeted material. For this interesting look craft you need a square size frame, mirror, and old CD. Break out the CD in to small pieces to display all around the mirror frame with glue gun. Mirror can make each one not special art fun require for this.

CD Wreath:

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Love with colorful and reflecting light cd wreath. For this Diy idea you need number of cd arrange on big size circular frame to give it wreath shape. Your home bold and dull wall gets lots of color with this simple craft. Handmade wreath is always visible on wall so you can display in any corner of the room. Learn your little one CD wreath to keep them busy in summer vocation.

CD Matt:

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Recycle old cd to make matt that you can use at home and when going on picnic. Computer cd’s are in different color paint and look pretty. Grace your wood table with colorful and long lasting craft. Your coming guest can appreciate your craft and can request to you.

Cd Plant Holder:

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People who have interest in plating but cannot afford pots not enjoy Diy idea of planters. Base of pots made with computer cd and top with old plastic bottles. Cutout the drinks bottle from center with sharp scissor or cutter in scalloped shape and then glitter or metallic paint. When bottle planter will become dry attach over cd with glue gun. Now your handmade planters are ready to grow green plants.

Cd Candle Holder:

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How to make candle holder with budgeted material you can take idea from image. Old computer cd is used to create a candle holder. For one candle holder you need at least four cd and arrange them according to image. You can center line your long candle that glow any room that you want. Handmade interesting cd craft show your interest in art work.

CD Chandelier:

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Make a cd chandelier to decorate kid’s room and a hall where you conduct a ceremony. An old cycle tier used to hand number of cd with thing strings in hall ceiling. You can use colorful cd for this craft. It timeless and can quickly made without any heavy material.

CD Clock:

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Make an artificial clock with recycle old cd. Make wall clock with number of cd and two needles centerline with stud button. Big size clock on your home wall attract people and they appreciate you. Number of useless CD you mostly has at home.

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