Make your summer days happy with fun craft that you can doo only with useless material. What you should make and how here we bring learnt you. Diy clock idea is so easy and timeless for that little material you will need.

In our collection woo pallet, rustic rope, shirt tie, LEGO game, flying bird, knit frame, material used making the Diy clock. Other can impress with your art skill and interest. Enjoy Diy clock in any room of home for decoration purpose. Unusual Diy clock make your time precious when you complete your clock. Look below!

Color Block Diy Clock:

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Diy clock is decorative item for your home interior. With this creative idea you can save your budget for other purposes. Diy clock is part of budget creation that made with wood material. Color block clock surely provide unique style interior that become visible in your living room. You can chose your favorite color for color block pattern but these should be light that needles show clearly.

Playful LEGO Diy Clock:

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Diy LEGO clock is super easy to make that may be fun idea for you. With useless LEGO you can easily make the clock that keep you busy in interesting project during spare time. Soft and flexible sheet use for base of clock that Diy in golden color. This type of sheet mostly you see contain in new TV box use for saving purpose. Functional look Diy clock idea you can get in short time.

Diy Tie Clock:

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Hmmmmm! In above image tie Diy clock is fun idea. Coming guest appreciate you when see your project. With this nice creation of tie clock you can show your art skill. For this Diy clock you must have useless tie in your home but don’t get especially from market. Golden color needles are arranged over round plate.

Diy Colorful Knit Frame Clock:

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Make colorful Diy clock brig bright image on your home white wall. Everyone note the knit frame clock when enter in living room. You can do knit wall clock on yourself base. Not heavy material used in this Diy clock. Lovely craft you can even decorate in any room of home where it shows clearly. New life comes in your home when you make colorful wall clock.

Wood Pallet Diy Clock:

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Rustic wood pallet how you can reuse is so simple and easy idea that do in above image. Rustic to modern feels wood pallet Diy clock. Durable square shape Diy clock you can place over table or hang with wall. Counting figure written with black pen and needles that visible over natural wood pallet. Enjoy Diy clock in home and impress other with your hand made skill.

Tragically Birds Flying Clock:

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This summer do it yourself at home bids wall clock with that master personality of your home appear. At first choose the base where you want to show Diy clock. At second step choose black flying bird and decorate around the clock needles. Its immensely easy Diy clock project that chock the people that how you perform it. Black and white Diy clock you can match with your home theme.

Rustic Rope Diy Clock:

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Natural beauty comes in your home with rustic rope Diy clock. Thick rope tightly wrap all around the round style clock. Metal knob support in hanging the Diy clock. Inside of wall clock is in white that show correct time to you. Wrap the rustic rope with gum that doesn’t slip after dry. Useful Diy clock is interesting craft for your home decoration.

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