Your home is the only place that you can decorate with your own plan. Architecture and cozy home give perfect beauty look that inspired others. If you take care and well furnished your home with perfect ideas you believe that your home will be like a heaven. Home bathroom also count down in decoration list but how you can arrange or well set it if it’s small. Our brilliant ideas regarding small bathroom help you. Remodel your small bathroom and give it wide look.

Perfect & Clean Geometric Tile:


Add easy life in your small bathroom with pop of yellow color and perfect storage. Geometric tiles in front wall of bath give awesome beauty. Wall cabinets glass door perform both function at a time that make storage and give face beauty. Same color enjoy in sink and Cabot.  Ceiling corner light enough for illuminate the small space bathroom.

Show Rustic Add Color:


How you can enjoy your favorite color in your tiny bathroom get idea from above image. Dark yellow color wall are match with door print curtain. Yellow accessories in bath make wide visibility of each and everything. Big size steel ring in wall for dry towel. Front of sink square form storage area best suited to make personal storage. Decorate sink with small plant vase that give freshness.

Black & White Modern Look:


You can enjoy relax life in this small but black and white bathroom. Modern look you can attain with black tile combat wall with little storage. Wood floor mix and match with vintage mirror back of that well storage can attain. Double door window should be in your bathroom wall through fresh air entering. You can easily reach the require thing that available in your bathroom.

Blue & Beach Accent:


Allow cool and fresh accent enter in your small space bathroom and give you unique life. Steel rack are arrange for towel hanging. Wall paint make in blue and white contras. Oval shape sink with low tab are listed in blue marble counter top. Number of drawers under countertop gives you wide space to place bath accessory. Round style small legs stool you can place in bathroom for kids’ can easily reach at countertop or sink.

White Tile & Gold Finish:


Dramatic and chic look feel the small bathroom. Rich golden color paint make on all metal used in bath for different purpose. Geometric print dual color carpet gives clear and clean beauty of bath. Bath tub built at one side in long shape, while wall hanging sink and combat are arrange with short distance. In white wall golden metal every time spark and appear luxury.

Kid’s Bathroom:


Kids bathroom decorate with number of duck. Big size yellow duck sit on corner of bath tub. Wicker basket is place close to window for other storage. Green planter gives fresh look while small window enter the sun heat in cold days. Your kids or toddler much inspired with kids that much attract them as they enter in bath. Marble tile used in wall and floor of bathroom.

Simplistic & Modern Design:


In above image small bath room give modern accent with bright and light color scheme. Gray color wall, natural wood floor, and black accessory get in this bathroom. At last of bath combat is arrange while front decorate with slim and long shelf. Black and round sink steel has steel faucet. U-shaped top holder frame place on floor inside that towel can store.
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