Sweaters considered staple for winter styling as they heated you body and maintain the body temperature. But they are also important due to their versatility and way of wearing. There are endless possibilities of wearing sweater in fall and winter season. You can get breathtaking look by swearing it with jeans, long dresses. Pants, skirts and other winter outfits.

Sweater styling with statement necklace is the hottest fashion trend. It brings flexibility and opulence in your style. You can add refreshing and energetic tone in simple and dull winder outfit. Statement necklace has a power to change you complete look if you wear them with sweaters. Pull over, cascading and cardigan style sweater most incredible winter outfit look gorgeous with stamen necklace.

Knitted sweater and beaded necklace:


Wearing a sweater as a top becomes iconic fashion. Most girls prefer to wear loose fitted sweater with jeans and skirts it best alternative of tops.  Sweater with jeans is elegant outfit for street styling. Here a cute girl wear mint color sweater featuring pearl embellished sleeves with pastel color statement necklace.  Messy black hair pony tail and black designer sunglass make her more stylish and beautiful.

Tassel necklace and sweater:


Working ladies are more obsessed for their styling during winter season as they have to work a lot while over weight and cubby outfit create major distraction in their working. Wearing a sweater over dresses shirt is ideal outfit for work out ladies just like this lady who choose demin jeans, white dress shirt, grey sweater and wool tassel embellished statement necklace.

Tucked in sweater and layered necklace:


Sweater and jeans is comfortable and versatile outfit for every day styling during winter season. Neutral color loose fitting and over size sweater top is layered with blue jeans and fedora hat. Double layer chain necklace is wear for statement look. This one is simple yet inspiration winter style grabs attentions.  Layered necklace become the most demanding necklace type in these days. So bring it in your jewelry box for effortless charm. Tuck sweater in jeans from front for trendy look.

Heart shaped statement necklace:


Dark blue jeans, demin button down shirt and Houndstooth checked knitted sweater is elegantly dresses-up in retro style for street styling. Crystal embellished gold heart shaped statement necklace. Wrist watch and bracelet are splendid jewelry glow her feminine charm. Demin shirt collar, Sleeve cuffs and bottom just seem from Houndstooth sweater.

Wearing sweater with necklace and skirt:


Sweater and long maxi skirt is stunning outfit for winter and fall styling.  Three quarter wooly pull over sweater become nice pair with blush flowing skirt. Beaded embellished chain statement necklace complete the look. This one is magnificent look for daytime parties.  Fully tuck sweater in skirt to intellectual style.

Statement jewelry and sweater outfit:


Wearing a Sweater doesn’t means to conceal what you wear under it. Show off top and shirt by matching front open sweaters. Cascading long open sweater is elegant piece in winter closets as bring flexibility in your style and offer you to look more stylish. Here young lady get visible glance by wearing ripped jeans; long knee length boots, white T-shirt and hand knitted sweater while going outside the home.  Beaded embellished stud earring, statement necklace and bracelets are lovely jewelry item matched with this trendy outfit.

Chain link sweater and statement necklace:


Chain link crocket knitted sweater in white hues groom up personality of this glamorous lady.  Moss green cardigan, gold rings, Black goggles and turquoise beaded embellished statement necklace are opulent accessory become spectacular compliment. Sweater and statement necklace is stunning combo break routine style during winter season.  Chain link patterned sweater also bring soft and delicate touch to glow you personality.
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