Mostly I seem ladies making struggle in searching required make-up brush to do eye make-up or countering from bundle brushes strolling over the vanity top. It creates bigger disaster when you are happy. Some time you feel irritation and anxiety in fining right brush. Don’t be obsessed we have amazing solution of organizing make-up brushes in creative way.  Read the article to bring convenient and ultra-stylish brush holder to adorn vanity or dressing table.

Skurar Planter Make-Up Brush Holder:


Bring a bit of elegance and creativity with this unique and ultra-chic Skurar planter pot which is presented by IKEA.  Delicate lace featuring planter pot is brilliantly consumed as make-up brush holder to bring organized accent in girl’s rooms.  It’s alluring and eye-catching decorative item on bedroom vanity.

Crystal Clear Brush Container with Pearls Filling:


Pearls ate simple of beauty and elegance. Their cute and lovely hue attracts anyone especially woman who inspired from beauty.   Crystal glass   container box with pink and ivory pearls filling become playful and statement complement in girls bedrooms where it perfectly used to arrange made-up brush.  Set larger or face   brush in larger on and  eye make-up brush in smaller.  White and pink pearls unify with floral wall paper beside the vanity.

Fish Bowl Make-Up Holder:


Crystal clear fish bowl is another magnificent and enthralling complement to arranged make-up brushes. Gleaming crystal gem-stones filled fishbowl brush holder bring glistering glow on vanity table.  Its adorable ideas to set brushed which remove the tension for searching required brush.

Awesome Hand Painted Mason Jar Holder:


Mason jar is chic and interesting thing brilliantly used in different diy project to bring artistic charm in home space. Here we talk about make-up brush holder so look at this photograph which is an intellectual piece hold makeup brushes.  Mason jar and empty container firstly paint in blue and purple hue and then adorn with nail polish art.  It looks gorgeous with prettiest floral pattern draw on both holders.

Diy Make-Up Jug Brush Holder:


Are you having an extra   glass jar in kitchen cabinets? Bring it out and up-cycled it to give new productive life. Fill jug with any creative thing you have in hose it may  crystal balls, beads,  Sand or any hard shelling dry fruit which provide sport  and do not let brush to fall or  touch the bottom which create problem in bring it out.

Cap and Saucer   Bruch Holder:


Ceramic crockery is also splendid element to organize make up brushes and jewelry.  Sort out a cup, bowl saucer or small plate to make diy brush stations.  Triple tired diy brush holder provides enough space to organize make-up brushes and jewelry. It’s stunning centerpiece glow vanity charm.

Mason jars Make-Up Brusher Organizer:


Metallic gold and matte white zig-zag painted Mason jar is prettiest   make-up brush holder that covers less space and easily adjusts in corner.  It’s convenient and effortless   brush organizer permit quick access to cubby contorting brush.

Candle votive Holder to Set Make-Up Brush:


Bring luxurious and ultra-chic charm with this amazing   candle votive   diy brush holder. It looks beautiful with modern glass cotton bud and eyes pad and flower was on vanity table.  Crystal clear glass candle holder with crystal filling also adds glistering glow and opulence in modern bathroom.