I’m shocked when I found nothing during the search for hand carved wooden panel’s home decoration ideas. Hand carved wooden art is amazing way to bring cultural accent in home interior that really catches eyes. Hand carved wooden art is one of the famous Asian art richly involve in home decoration. Floral hand carved wooden panels is lovely decorative compliment. You can hang individual or group panels to adorn foyer and living room. These panels are incorporated in bedroom decoration it is just drilled behind the bed wall as a headboard. Here we bring wonderful idea that really impress you and also create a wish you fascinate you dream land with these wooden panels.

Multi-Shapes Carved Wood Panels:


Get an idea to bring unique glance in living room that really inspired you. It fabulous thought of decorating bohemian inspired living room in soft and delicate hues.  Brighter blue and white is refreshing blend fascinate the area. Here is an interesting thing directly click you hearts. Yes. I’m talking about the hand carved wooden panels elegantly hang on blue wall. It’s breathtaking option for window wall treatment.

Moroccan Inspired Carved Wood Panel:


Wooden carved plaque wall art is delicate addition amazingly incorporated to personalize behind the sofa and bed wall. Oversize or collage style hand carved panels are design with Asian cultural inspiration. We can also relate them with Moroccan culture. Midnight blue painted wall, moss green furniture, monochromic chess floor and lots of greenery creates effective surrounding to highlight natural color wooden carved wall art.

White Washed Carved Wood Panels:


I love the ideas. It’s unique and interesting way to adorn empty wall. It’s a luxurious living room furnished with low-back and armless sofa, textural rugs, stylish ottomans and eye-catching flower vase ingeniousally set to enhance elegant. Here is another interesting that reveals statement glance. That is four squarely cut hand carved panel’s wall collage which drilled over the white painted wall. White washed panels are brilliantly matched with wall.  There is no alternative way of fascinating behind the sofa wall.

Boho-Chic Carved Wood Wall Decoration:


Oversize hardwood crafted square carved wood plaque panels is lively compliment of this bohemian inspired living room. Intricate carved wool show the craftsmanship of it produces. Natural polished wooden wall art bring vintage Moroccan grace. Floral patterned wall panels flawlessly hang over the wall near the window which also highlighted in the candles light glow in the wall mounted sconces.

Floral Hand-Carved Wood Square Panel:


Look at this whimsically decorated living room look packed unusual feels having no name. Darker color room festooned with velvet sofa, crowded coffee table, flower textures hand carved wooden plaque panel and recycled aluminum industrial lamp.

Collage Style Carved Wood Vertical Columns:


Wow! It really a heart touching Moroccan inspired dining room surprised me. Black and beige hue creates warmth surrounding which look so beautiful.  Black painted wooden dining table surrounded with armless upholstered chairs. Main wall is adorned with lovely texture while black wall is dramatically flourished with hand carved square plaque panels. There is no substitute of this wooden wall art.

Hallway Carved Wood Wall Art:


Extremely larger six panel wooden crafted wall collage is statement compliment of this waiting area. Natural tone wooden wall are catches eyes and steals the hearts. It romantic addition in this light tone room. Glossy marble tree pot is blended with room interior.