Old plastic bottles are waste material in home. Most of people can garbage these bottles and creative people can utilized as artistic creation. Diy ideas of plastic bottles are used as planter pot home accessories pot stationary box key ring holder and many more creative ideas for decoration. These old plastic bottles can get splendid hue with function and creative piece of decoration.

In this post we can utilize old plastic bottles as a planter pot in different ways.  Hanging plastic bottle planter and floor placing half cut bottles center hole style planter pot these diy plastic bottles planter pots are decorated with cartoon face shape jute wrapping painted and simple plain transparent style.
These al ideas can adorn your home interior and exterior setting and get spectacular hue on your home décor. You may also try for your home decoration.

Diy hanging plastic bottle planter pot:


Plastic bottles utilized n planter pot and get functional charm on your modern home interior décor. Plastic soda water bottles can utilized in artistic way with center cutting for planting. White shinny bottles are utilized in well organized creative way cut out in sophisticate style with sharp cutter and give a shape of hanging planter.

Hanging half cut bottle planter pot:


Half plastic bottles hanging blinds look patio planters bring astonishing glam on your modern home interior décor. Waist plastic bottles are cut out into two pieces top lid area is filled with sand and plating herbs are fascinated on these half bottles planter idea. These plastic bottle planters can hold on metallic hanging rings and get stunning touch on your modern home interior decoration.

Plastic bottle planter pot rack:


In this image you can see well organized planters that can get greenery hue on your modern home backyard area.  Plastic bottles half cutting planters are fitted on rustic wooden sand. These plastic bottles planter pot stand can place in patio or back yard of home and get splendid touch with their planters and get cool and fresh charm on your modern home exterior decoration.

Jute cartoon featured plastic bottle planter idea:


In this image you can see creative and diy idea of plastic bottles planting idea.  Jute wrapping with cartoon eye or nose fastening plastic half bottle edge is looking fabulous with planting filling ideas. Center plain but cartoon face can grab the attention on your home interior setting. This 3 piece decorative plastic bottle planters are placed in living room side table and get inspiring glam on your home interior setting.

Patio hanging planter bottle décor idea:


Here is hanging plastic bottle planters can get splendid touch on your modern interior or exterior decoration.  In patio pergola hanging plastic bottles palters bring fresh and mind blowing hue your home setting.  Creative center cutting bottles can fill with sand and seeds or plant. This planter pot is looking fabulous with colorful flower. These bottles are hanged with stings and get charming weaving hue on your home adoration.

Chic half plastic bottle planter pot:


This chic plastic bottles planting idea can grab the attention on your home interior or exterior setting. When any stranger come on your home then much inspire with this unique planter pot.  Mini cartoon featured half plastic bottles as a planter can display astonishing glam on your modern decoration. This diy idea can get center of attention on your décor idea.

Oversized floor Plastic bottle planter style:


In this image you can see oversized 5 liter plastic bottles that can decorated with green plant like salad leaves.  These bottles can lay down on floor and center cutting for filling sand and seed for planting.  These plastic bottles planter can get enchanting hue on your modern home entrance wall and get spectacular hue on your home adoration.

Ceiling hanging yellow wrapped bottle planter:


Hanging plastic bottle stones filled planter pot idea can give cool effect on your patio. These outstanding yellow wrapping plastic bottles bring eye-catching touch with ceiling hanging idea. This chic cool planter pot brings amusing touch in summer season. So, must try these diy plastic bottles planter pots.
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