PomPom floor rug is playful and interesting addition sweetly accent home space and let you feel special. Pompom floor rug is easy and fun making craft quickly done at home. Bring in your favorite color yarns and then make same or different size pom-pom by wrapping yarn around finger and make knot in center. Finally paste all pom-pom over non-skid rug pad either made or rubber, leather or other material.

Pom-pom floor rug gain popularity by it warmth, zingy and soft texture featuring. It’s elegant compliment of kid nursery, bedroom and living rooms. Pom-pom floor rug are of different color, size and shape widely involve in home interior decoration even you can allure patio and outdoor deck by throwing these lovely floor rugs. Here we bring eye-catching pom-pom rug must inspires you.

Neutral color pom-pom rug:

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Corner-less geometrical inspired round pom-pom floor rug is breathtaking element ready to captivate home decoration. It brings in artsy vibe. Ivory, grey and black yarn crafted circular floor rug is best option for kid and adult room decoration. Threw it in kid room as they sit here and enjoy comfortable sitting during studying and playing. I’m sure you kid must love it.

Heart-shaped pink pom-pom floor rug:

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Pink heart shape pom-pom floor rug is cute addition make you able to decorate your baby room in unique style. It beautiful complement for baby girls bedrooms because pink   symbolized femininity, puffy wool pom-pom amazingly arranged in heart shapes which flawlessly matched with baby girl interior theme. Anyhow you also put this rig in teen girl’s bedroom.

Artsy pom-pom floor rug:

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Hack this novelty inspired handmade pom-pom floor rug ingeniously made at home by using ivory color yarn.  Three to four black pom-poms add to bring versatility and grace. Irregular shaped pom-pom floor rug is wonderful material pops in cozy accent during winter and fall day. You can throw it anywhere in room, neat the bed to feel soft ground while putting step down the bed,  in front of window to create relaxed reading and napping corner or in front of fireplace to enjoy heat.

Brown teddy bear pom-pom floor rug:

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Nursery room is preferable corner of the home perfect for pom-pom floor rug placement. You can place them near the baby mobile, bed, and shelf and in center of the room where you change the diaper. Pom-pom floor rug is ideal for nursery room according to both concept functional or decorative, look this lovely brown bear floor rug having Pom-pom belly which is so soft give harsh free and warm sitting.

Multi-color pom-pom floor rug:

6 creative pom pom rug (7)

Don’t limit pom-pom floor rug to nursery and bedroom. Bring in living areas to make sitting corner more elegant.  Multi color oversize floor rug is wonderful substitute of traditional floor rugs. By throwing pom-pom rug in front of sectional sofa and under the table you get success by adding more color in living room interior decoration.

Rainbow color pom-pom floor rug:

7 creative pom pom rug (6)

Ravishing and lively color pompom circular floor rug amazingly blended with natural surroundings. Outdoor potion deck beautiful convert in reading and napping corner. Here you can spend some time along and relaxed you mind by interacting with nature. Boho-chic floor rug giving statement appeal to this corner simply furnished with round table and wood relax chair.

Boho-chic pom-pom floor rug:

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Bring in pom-pom floor rug in your bedroom space if you desired to fee softness during barefoot walks. Oversize round pom-pom floor rug brilliantly matches with hippie-chic bedroom interior decoration. Multicolor pom-pom make is easy to blend with room interior such as multicolor canopy, white wall, mustered bedding and grey carpet.
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