Diy tissue box idea can get amazing and artistic charm on your home and office setting. Tissue is the needy accessory of home and office so their boxes are also more essential for their decorating ideas. Diy homemade creative personalized tissue boxes can give enchanting gal on your modern interior fascinating ideas.  Diy felted card paper and crocheted tissue boxes ca style up your modern interior decoration and get amazing glam on your modern styling ideas. let’s try for your interior home office and party decoration.

Felted bus tissue box idea:


Felted yellow bus tissue box idea can get eye-pleasing hue on your home interior decor. Felted fabric made pleasurable yellow school bus shaped diy tissue box can get amazing charm with teddy bear fascinating ideas. This lovely felted bus tissue box is placed on the center of the table and gets amazing and astonishing charm on your modern home or office décor.

Pink and white smile TV tissue box style:


In this image you can see pretty pink and white diy tissue box that can adorned your home interior décor. TV featured pink and white smile face tissue taking out idea can get dreamy hue on your modern interior decoration. This diy decoration idea can get artistic glam on your home or office décor with this hic and creative designing plastic made tissue box.

Nose running crying face tissue bx:

Crying face nose running style diy tissue box can show creative art at home setting. This handmade tissue box is the sample of the creative mind.  Card box is designed with crying ace sticker with plastic nose with running tissue design. This creative at can get amazing touch on your modern center table fascinating style.

3d flower embellished pretty diy tissue box idea:


Black dye tissue box is looking fabulous with 3d flower embellishment on the top of the tissue box.  Silver shimmer can also get glowing hue on this tissue box. This sophisticated diy issue box is settled on any table with in elegant way. It is also placed on dinning table or living room center table.  You may also make at home setting and decorate your home and also give a gift of your friend.

Yellow basket style tissue box design:


In this picture you can see felted basket style tissue box with side pocketed style. This colorful brighten shade felted diy tissue box is center of attention on your table setting.  This functional tissue box can get pleasurable charm on your home or office setting. With needy items placing on their pocket. This felted basket tissue box can give enchanting glam on their modern appearance. Let’s try this creative tissue box at home for your office table.

Crocheted puppy issue box style:


Creative black and white crocheted puppy designing tissue box can get amazing touch on your decoration. This artistic fee patterned crocheted puppy face shape with their legs and back ears diy tissue box can make with wool weaving and get terrific glam on your creation. This granny made crocheted diy tissue box is also a best gift for your daughter home décor.

Diy Blue whale felted tissue box:


Blue felted whale design tissue box is the great option to decorate your home. This diy idea of felted tissue box can give enchanting glam on your modern home decoration. It can design with blue felted fabric and sewing with needle in the shape of this box and fascinated with cloud and give whale shape that can visually attractive. It can get prominent charm on your center table and get center of attention on your guest.

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