You have enough stock of spoons and going to throw them in trash. Stop! Don’t do this. I have better solution that is more effective and fun making. Recycle useless spoons into creative projects which help you in adding personal touch to home interior. Plastic spoons ingeniously involve in art work. You can make eye-catching centerpieces,

wall hanging and wonderful decoration pieces that surprised the visitors. You are if thing its costly procedure. You just need bundles of plastic spoons, hot glue gun, and spray paint. Scroll down to get interesting ideas of turning trash into treasure.

Diy spoon wall clock:

2 creative plastic spoon art (7)

Are you feeling tired after looking boring wall clock? Join us we have amazing idea which add lively accent in home interior but also grabs attentions again and again. Yellow matte painted spoon decorative round clock give focal appeal.

Mercury finish spoons lanterns:

3 creative plastic spoon art (14)

Pop in warmth and whimsical tone in home interior that really caught tongues. Opulence easily induce by bring making playful diy spoon lanterns. Turn traditional lantern into catching centerpiece. Mercury paint finishing blooms hurricane charm.

Plastic spoons framed mirror:

4 creative plastic spoon art (16)

Recycle plastic spoon in creative wall hanging to get focal glance.  Plastic spool framed round mirror is captivating thing or over the console wall treatment. Mirror positioned right in center of the cardboard paper and then surrounded with plastic spoons.  Hot pink painted spoon mirror really catch eyes.

Stunning spoons decorative lamp:

5 creative plastic spoon art (4)

This one totally makes me mad.  Ii never imagine such use of plastic spoons.  Simple table top tamp ingeniously transform in dream one which plastic spoon art. Spoon head louts glower arrangements on lamps base keep simple or paint it, is your own choice.

Ombre painted spoon vase:

6 creative plastic spoon art (2)

Do you ever wonder such interesting use of plastic spoons? I’m sure it new for you. Lock this funky-chic diy hack to create wow-worthy charm. Simple and cost effective deal is it.  Take tin and plastic spoons and remove tails. Now arrange spoons heads around tin with help of hot glue gun. Finally paint spoon in ombre style for flawless finish.   It’s awesome idea for spring and summer decoration.

Plastic spoon planter:

7 creative plastic spoon art (1)

Cute and stylish white plastic spoon made planter is incredible piece to accent table tops. You can set them on coffee, console, dinning and even on Kitchen Island. Recycle plastic spoons that you find extra after home parties. Make pretty planter to gown indoor planter to bring outside charm inside.

Glowing tulips:

8 creative plastic spoon art (18)

This one is truly whimsical and heart-touching craft for home decorations. Plastic spoon made tulip and vase adorn with glow in dark paint which automatically glow in dark.

Two-tone spoon wreath:

9 creative plastic spoon art (10)

You forget another decoration when fine such amazing decoration inspiration. Elegant and smart plastic spoon crafted wreath is perfect for entrance door makeover both in routine and for special celebrations.

Plastic spoon flower wall makeover:

10 creative plastic spoon art (15)

Giant melting spoon flowers are spectacular ideas idea for simple wall make over. Multi sized white flower randomly position to adorn over the console wall.

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