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Stone is conventional material value for architectural designers. Stone is not a new inspiration for decorating human dwelling.  It is as old as the man is.  From ancient time people live in stone house this one clearly define important of stone.

Stone wall give worth to home interior either wrought with traditional or modernity-chic interpretations.  Texture, natural beauty and style definitely achieved through stone walls.  Stone are of different type choose perfect one suit to interior theme. Aesthetic, durable, timeless and functional you pull all these qualities together while streamlining home with stone wall.

Natural stones like stacked stone, river rock, ledgestone, whole slabs and fieldstone are  works as thermal insulators means it induce cool accent when there is heat in surround and go warmth when temperature drop down from normal.

Modern white stone wall:

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Stone wall is passionate plan for every home renovated in traditional or modern style.  Wall enchant with stone laying reveal historical vibe. You feels awesome when looks at.  Interior designer prefer stone wall for entrance, living room, bedrooms, foyer, dinning and even for bathrooms interior. Stone wall become compliment for both interiors and exteriors.

Natural stone dining room wall:

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Extremely ingenious fusion of modern glam with natural elegance develop wow factor. Everything creates balance especially stone wall and wooden furniture. Main wall adorn with natural stones which transform simple whit room into little heaven.

Soft tones stone wall:

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Stone wall is effortless choice to infuse warmth and coziness. Modern and country-chic flair blend to adorn contemporary   open living room that attach with dining area.  Soft color stone wall and wooden flooring opt to in same hue to give visible glance to modern white sofa and wooden furniture.  Behind the sofa and sideboard is instance choice for stone implementations.

Traditional kitchen stone wall:

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Renovate kitchen space with traditional elegance.  Man-cave inspire classical kitchen in grey theme is wonderful plan for traditional homes.  Mabel flooring, counter top and backsplash are fabulous yet dramatic accent come through statement stone lying in plaster wall that is just behind the cooking stove.

Elegant stacked stone wall:

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Sunroom lounging become essential modern hub for homes. It relaxed space for family seating outdoor green charm bring inside with glass wall and window. Extravagant wooden ceiling, wooden flooring and festive furniture reveal owner personality charm.  Here is on other thing grabs an attraction that is with stone fireplace wall. Just small section success in getting focal charm.

 Living room fireplace stone wall:

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Fireplace and TV unite wall has central importance in bedroom and living areas. You have to put extra positional to streamline space effectively. These days decorative behind the TV and fireplace wall with unique material and wall paper become hottest trend. Stacked tone wall is perfect solution.

Stone vanity wall:

8 wonderful modern stone walls (18)

Add dramatically-chic texture and natural beauty in spa room with stone wall. Vanity wall has fundamental importance in bathroom space as well bathtub behind wall. If you skip bathtub then give fabulous finish to vanity wall.  Natural cut stone wall with round mirror and floating vanity look awesome in modern space-saving bathroom.  You can also give special touch by decorating shower wall with stone.
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