Corner-less and curvy shaped circular area rug is luxe element richly involve in modern home decoration. It has extreme power to change the entire mood. These lovely floor rugs are amazing source of getting elegance with beauty. Roundly shaped floor rugs available in rich textures, color patterns and sizes accent visible areas of home by popping comfort and coziness. Scroll down the page to know how we can pulling off round floor rugs to create wow factor potentially.

Living room:


Wow! Copy this extremely gorgeous living room interior decoration to surprise the visitors. It vintage inspired living room fabulously accent with colorful element against white wall and soft textured flooring. Art inspired zingy color round floor rug ingeniously place under the vintage wood crafted table as its cover touches sofa and chair legs. It’s the most appropriate way of pulling off round floor rug.  Plum tufted button sofa, white rocking chair and multicolor wall hanging  planter are alluring addition in this living room yet steam punk inspired chandeliered steal my hears it really novelty piece.

Bring in neutral grace through incorporating soft color zebra printed floor rug delicately designs with geometrical inspirations. Round shaped floor rug throw under the coffee table and couch chair. It elegant way of decorating small space living areas. Double tiered glass table coffee table, white couch chair and grey sectional sofa brilliantly unify with this monochromic tome living room interior.

Family room:


This ultra-modern family room, cover larger area, dramatically furnish with luxe furniture and pleasant details. Darker wood flooring, transparent glass door and windows reflect the experience of architectural designer.  Black L-shaped sectional sofa and contemporary chairs successfully bring coziness. White furry wool crafted round floor rung is just a single piece unify with wall and ceiling color otherwise entire interior is in black.

Here is another family room show the artistic taste and love with art. Everything flawlessly set in perfect angle to create balance look. Color and textures are equally utilized to establish delicate surrounding.  Traditional floral printed monochromic circular floor rug throw over the wood floor right between ivory color settees.


Dining room:


Dining room is another space to insert geometrical details.  The result must be flawless if you spread circular floor rug just beneath the dining table. In this way you highlight the dining corner. It will suite in all condition either you furnished individual, living room or kitchen attached dining area. Look at this dreamy kitchen attached dining room wonderfully graced with jute crafted round floor rug and white dining table set.

Home office:


It’s really great idea to create energetic areas where you feel fresh and fully concentrate on your work. Our surrounding play greater role to increase productivity as a happy man does everything. Brighter color home office furnished with all basic need by a school going kid, teenagers or working parents.  It single office for all family member. Dual color fur crafted floor rug gorgeously matched with hue used to paint room wall.

Kid’s corner:


Allure a special corner of kid room where they potentially learn creative thing via playing different game. It must be joyful and interesting helpful to involve kid and let them show the entire inters.  Adjacent White wall ingeniously adorn with white floor to ceiling shelf and kids hand painted photo frame while braided straw crafted round rug throw over the wood floor, on which round table and textural ottoman set nicely, to convey comfortable sitting.
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