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Living room seamlessly link with rest of the hose areas is known as open living. It now becomes iconic trend these days. Modern interior designers and architectures put greater emphasize on open plans for modern apartment to luxurious homes. Here open word take in other sense.

Two or more areas link together without any division is known as open plan. You can plan open living room with foyer area, kitchen, and home bar and even with dining room. Tear down wall to create open floor plant to get pent house like feeling where each and everything is available under single roof.

Following open floor plan insist you think beyond separate room charm. Open living room concept will entertain you a lot you can enjoy cheerful gathering, movies and meals in one space.

Elegant open living room space:

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Open  living room concept are not new for use it fir introduce in  50s and 60s decades when designer feel high need  of a plan which  make it easy to use less space efficiently.  It’s little effort to bring family member closer to each other.

One who works in kitchen easy attend guest sit in living areas and also kid who sit right in front of eyes.  Space has no matter in open living room plan. It works best in space saving to larger homes.  Open living room create a feel of openness which give an illusion of bigger space to smaller areas.

You can change adjust setting when feel necessary without extra struggle.  It’s also effective for indoor parties and celebrations. Scroll down page to find ideas about open living rooms.

Stunning open living room with dinning space:

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This one is flawless, indeed! Japanese style open living room attached with living area. Larger space beside entrance door functionally consumes that look awesome, wooden floating furniture with great matter and cushion setup create cozy surrounding. Greenery all around the lounge area permit natural feel.

Luxurious open living room:

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Aesthetic flow throughout the space is major interior demand when it comes to open concept living room decoration. Color scheme in difference space can unify with each other. mostly same theme involve  in open  concept decoration nut if you want more then go for contrast color in pastel, neutral or  bolds.

Flooring and recessed lighting should same all around the space.  Grey and white theme open living room, linked with bar style kitchen, look incredible with modern furniture setup.

Single open living plan:

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Loft added to create to cover more space fining under single room. Everything is available in single area. No division and partition seem here.   Aluminum framed glass door and window highlight architectural designs.  Darker wood flowing develops a sense of uniformness.  Multiple hues and textures layering are effective technique to accent living room elegantly.

Brighter open living room decoration:

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Brighter and colorful involvement create standout feature in each areas that will helpful in defining each space effective. You room shin more with pastel color involvement. Look stunning grey and white open living room   with dining areas. Bended floor lamp is focal element in living room yet dining room space adorn with bigger planter.

Modern open living room inspiration:

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Foyer area brilliantly transform in dreamy living room under pen living concept.  Here is a kitchen under loft link open in living room. Marble flooring, neutral furniture, cozy lights and black highlight give distinctive appeal to modern home.  Living edge coffee table is smart transition must create wow factor.

Classy-chic modern open living room:

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Modern interior designer totally change the mood of open living room. Wow slips front tongue after looking these ultra modern home interiors.  Open living room with kitchen, dining room and foyer area. All this come under single floor concept with no separate feels.  Lighting, traditional fire place, printed carpet and modern sectional sofa set ingenious for tradition modern mix interior finishing.

Space saving open living plan:

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You love with home, if go for such interesting solutions.  Space saving home area efficiently bring in used for different tasks performance. Here is a kitchen, dining room, living room and a loft.  Funky-chic furniture, innovative lights and floral collage   insert shift interior decoration to next level.

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