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Among the various form of bed platform bed is selected that free from legs and keeps over floor or ground. A platform bed is also well known as cabin bed which consists of a raised and rectangular horizontal solid frame. These beds provide flexible support and ventilation for setting a mattress. For teen age girls bedroom or apartment life these are consider the great choice. Platform beds are crafted with natural wood and leather material.

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Black Oak & Gray Leatherette Platform Bed:

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Platform beds are becoming very popular today in market. Glossy black finished and gray leatherette high back bed is perfect for apartment living. Side table are also design with platform bed to make storage or nice display. Gray color fluffy mattress and with white pillow platform bed decorate. With base panel the hardwood bed is high from floor.

Full Size Platform Bed:

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Wonderful interior decoration for teen age girl’s bedroom is wood frame platform bed. Bed frame mixed with fur rug that mostly seen pictured featured in modern style bedroom. Awesome scene creates in bedroom due to wall mounted light fixtures wood board. Full size bed bedding and fur rugs both are come in same color scheme. You can easily study your books with platform bed rest.

Spacious Square Platform Bed:

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Modern platform double bed can be used with regular sized blanket and pillow. Square form bed easily set in center of room. Sit made of microfiber that come in any color and fit for a big size room. You can leave all items like books, laptop, and cloth along the bedside. You don’t worry about much space if you have a restless sleeper. Easily two to three people can take rest over platform bed.

Waverly Black Platform Bed:

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Platform beds are recently become popular among the urban community. These style beds are not very high just a bit above the floor or ground. Such bed with a single mattress give comfort feelings when you take sleep over these. In Waverly bed legs are far away and you can direct supply a mattress. Platform beds are as modern as neat more heat during cold season.

Wood Storage Platform Bed:

Enjoy a modern look plat form bed that offering you a comfortable sleep. Queen sized bed is crafted with natural wood material. Features of bed are smooth line and on modern base. At one side of bed a wood storage and nigh stand is design that provides space to make personal storage. The headrest board of platform bed gives clear, clean and graceful appearance.

Black Leather Round Platform Bed:

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King size upholstered black leather platform bed is design with nightstand. Durable and comfort bed make a strong focal point in your bedroom when you enter. The plat form bed eliminates the need of a sofa set. You can enjoy sitting on extra length of round bed that create in square mattress situation. You need not to go far away from bed at night time due to side storage stand.

Platform Bed with Folding:

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Natural wood crafted platform bed finished with dark brown color polish. Side folding of bed keeps safe from any injury. Under the bed space can use for seasonal storage. High length side stool are set for display lamp and decoration pieces. Brown color bedding contras with yellow bed back. You can get wall and pillow back rest when want to enjoy book reading.
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