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Curtain is effective ingredient to treat home window and door. There is greater importance when look over their functionality but also advantage due to their charm. Bring in playful and styling curtain to accent home in stunning way. Silk. Georgette, sheer, burlap and cotton curtain are in endless style also discuss in details.

Now this time we bring festive curtain type make it possible to add vintage grace and luxe accent. Lace curtain are fabulous either you bring in individually of combine it with other stuff. Here we bring modern styles of lace curtain best for modern home window treatment.

Double French lace curtains:

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Indulge peaceful and sober tone by bring in white French lace curtain for living room decoration. I’m sure there is no alternative to this window treatment.  Double curtain stitch together and hang down with help of single rode. Boxy section French window give festive appeal if you tie back one curtain in one side and other on the opposite side by making loose swag. Grey wall really look attractive after opulent lace curtain treatment.

Blush lace curtain for windows:

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Lace curtains are productive element for home interior decoration. You can hang down this curtain to enhance privacy benefits or keep the room atmosphere moisturizes by restricting light outside the room. Curtain has endless advantages. These days curtain become iconic material for interior decoration blush and ivory color curtain accent bedroom space with luxe feeling.  Lace and silk curtain are good solution to get privacy and decorative purposes.

Stunning lace drapery:

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Dual color lace curtain is playful addition in contemporary to modern home. Frilly swags and flat lace panel details ingeniously apply to give unique touch. One panel is in white while other is in blush color.    Scalloped edge lace drape are fabulous thing to treat triple panel French window painted in white. These curtains perfectly blend with neutral theme room interior.

Kitchen window lace curtain:

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Floral lace curtain are lovely solution to adorn transparent glass window adornment. Ruffle lace curtain is best to fascinate lower section.  White painted glass window, open in backyard, give a way to bring fresh air in kitchen space. Mostly kitchen window open in upward direction. Open half window and cover lower section with flora lace curtain to purify the surrounding but don’t forget to fascinate window topper with cute ruffle hanging through window rode.

Bedroom window lace curtain:

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Ivory and white shade ingeniously combines together to accent ivory theme contemporary bedroom space.  White wall, white bedding and white furniture all things is in white so it best to treat window with white shade but the styling must be different.

Double oversize sliding glass window drapes designs by choosing airy and heavy fabrics.  Heavy stuff is used for base which restricts the way of light while the upper layer made with breezy sheer fabric allure with French lace trimming. Its adorable curtain type must catch eyes.

Nautical-inspire curtain in lace:

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Beachy, nautical or costal charm now becomes common inspiration for summer home decoration. It cool and fresh color have greater impact over personality.  Look at this nautical-inspire bedroom fascinate with prints and pattern.

White wall, glossy wood flooring is elegant interior yet the real charm came through Seaform green and turquoise color furniture and decorative complements.  Seaform green and white lace curtain are visible addition used to allure statement bedroom window wall.

Luxe lace curtain for living room:

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Luxe and royal-chic contemporary living room shows the status and living standard of the owner. Intellectual and sober details add for interior decoration. Neutral inspire living room incredibly adorn with earthy tone floor rugs, brown polished furniture and champagne color window curtains.

Lace and silk drape are in triple panels. Silk curtain inserted in center of ivory lace curtains. Back curtain spread to hold way of light while silk and front lace curtain make pretty swags with low back tying effects.

 Grey lace curtain:

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Botanical-chic floral lace curtain are pleasant addition in modern home for window, entrance door treatment. You can also hang gown the curtain as divider. Grey lace curtain are splendid detail to renovate bedroom, Living room and bathroom interior decoration. Must-have lace curtains to fascinate French and bay window solutions.
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