Stair runners are easy way to bring pattern on your home stair. Pop of color on your stair give it new life. Here we collect different color and pattern stair runner for you more help. You can also take idea about wall paint and stair base to make you home beautiful. Modern look create after stair runner. Colorful stair runner brings new life hopes in your home at stair place. In other stair runner are include animal print, colorful strips, bright green, geometric pattern.

Black And White Bold Painted:

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Enjoy custom look in your home stair with runner selection. Black and white pattern globally become popular. It gives chic look appearance in your modern home. Warm feel the black and white color combination that super idea for cold winter. Styling look feel relax in which you can easily add natural plant.

Get A Bright Natural Color:

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Bright natural color is for those who don’t like to live with a bold pattern. Cover up stair steps with dark green carpet with front polka dot wall paint. Include zebra print and navy blue white floor covering. Of course floor runner is selected to inspire with corner floor lamp color tone. Green runner is work efficiently between pure white.

Warm Blue:

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You can see blue pattern blue runner feel Boho against the wood stair, white wall paint and hanging hat. Navy blue gives bright look to clear space. Long Strip in blue and white color, matching hand bag are the only accessories that create uniqueness in this home. I hope you first tie inspired with same stair runner, floor carpet and girly hand bag.

Colorful Strips:

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Playful look create in your home stair with colorful strip runner. Fanciful stair runner feels cool all time. With white base fabulous appearance become in multi color stair runner. It gives as look color flow from top to bottom of stair. A bright hue gets perfect space in your home where you more time go.

Animal Print:

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It especially designs for animal lover. Now they feel well with this blue and white stair runner. Spotted print bring unexpected punched that can impress the coming guest. Dark color animal print stair runner lay down over natural wood base. White color wall and stair front art give a classical hue to your home.

Multi Pattern:

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When you select keep care it easily folds on each step. Bright and bold color elegant stair runner and hallway carpet make a prominent feature.  Whimsical touch emerged under wood floor and in white surrounding under pattern stair runner. Soft and warm runner keep relax and don’t slip you when you walk on stair.

Geometric Stair Runner:

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Modern style stair runner looks interesting. Geometric pattern get in gray and white color with dark brown natural wood base. With White wall paint gray stair runner and dark wood are prominent. Relax feel when you walk on stair. You can match the stair runner with floor carpet. Wall paint always selected against the stair runner.

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