Dividers or wall screens are amazing solution for room partition.  Sometime a wall isn’t making smart option sue to interior decoration concepts. You are in need of an alternative which partitions rooms without give a sense of division.

Room divider is smart option that makes room look even cool and sophisticated. Divider widely involve in apartment, pant house and small homes. Modern interior designer bring eye-catching divider concepts in wider home space in decorative prospective. Dividers are of different style constructed in different material such as wood, metal, aluminum, glass, mirror and fabrics.

Here we bring interesting style of room divider design with Asian interior influence. Lattice style room divides are enduring and subtle choice for home interior either contemporary or modern. Normally lattice partitions made with timber wood which is durable and more productive.

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You are on right track if thinking about lattice divider as you can bring versatility and elegance at the same time. Lattice screens are in countless patterns. Babylon, Budapest, Cairo, Capri, Cayman, Darwin, Madrid, Rome, Suva, Tokyo are influential patterns of lattice divider screens you love more with. Scroll down page to get best ideas about home dividers for dreamy accents.

Stunning dividers:

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White timber wood lattice room divider is excellent option to partitions office from lounge.  White theme room look flawless with pops of zingy colors such as green pink and yellow.  Divider lattice patter matched with green wallpaper. Sober and smart room divider create wow factor.

Multi-pattern lattice divider:

Develop warmth and dramatic feeling in contemporary home interior.  Dark brown furniture polished wooden lattice divider brilliantly unify with living room furniture. Divider screens are not just for divisions. You can incorporate these lovely screens for different purposes. Here multiple patterns blocked wood divider set in front to glass window due to privacy reasons.

Bathroom lattice divider:

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Here slim lattice divider is genius choice to segregate toilet area from vanity.  Wood divider perfectly blends in every interior. Classic royal inspire darker theme bathroom interior will inspire you. Wooden lattice give vintage appeal when pendant light fell on it.

Wooden lattice in natural finishing:

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Feel natural elegance by bring sophisticated wood lattice divider. Your heart must skip a beat after looking this raw finishing diver screen added carve up  larger space into living and bedroom. Sleek and stylish divider pinch dreamy elegance.  Floral pattern lattice is really dreamy-chic addition in modern homes.

Wood and glasses lattice screens:

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Think beyond tradition rood division methods to transform interior look. Wooden and glass divider is incredible transition make room look even more appealing. Boxy pattern wooden screen with glass insert uses to split living room from corridor. It whimsically unique pattern must grabs attentions.

Stunning leafy lattice divider:

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Wow!  Sleek wood floral cutout lattice diver is inspiration addition in modern home. It’s best for small and apartment room renovations. Wooden divider set in front of the entrance door by keeping some distance to develop corridor like feeling as there is living room behind the divider.

White painted lattice divider:

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Make inside and outs view more clearly by bringing heart touching white painted wood divider. Wooden divider with sliding door is stunning option that replace entire wall. Lattice pattern is more appealing put interior decoration at notch.

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