Make a chic statement of your home with feather decoration idea. Collect birds feather and used them in creative way to give luxe beauty of every corner of the home. With soft feather you can make chandelier, floor lamp, wreath, vase decoration, and so many others. Enjoy in real form and Diy feather for any craft idea that here we select for you.

Peacock Feather Wreath:

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Royal beauty comes on your front door with peacock feather wreath. Amazing look soft feather are arrange in round style over metal band. Handmade silk flower trim in peacock feather wreath. In laser cut lace peacock feather wreath hangs that make center length over front door. Coming people like you feather craft idea and appreciate your skill.

Ostrich Feather Tassel Wall Hanging:

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Love with Diy feather fun with that chic look beauty creates in your home. You can play with ostrich weather and make a dream catcher to decorate your living room wall. Golden pain feather are mix in ostrich for tassel wall hanging. Rustic rope and a dry wood stitch you need with some feather and easily get the feather catcher.

Elegant Look Feather Vase:

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Birds feather offer you to make an opulent vas decoration for your table top. Bright color different length feather are collect to well display in vase. Exotic feel the feather vase that give bright hue to your home. If you want something natural in your table decoration then mix feather with botanical.

Orange Juju Hat with Bird Feather:

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This is wonderful feather made juju for your living room wall decoration. Big size orange color feather juju create focal image that attract coming guest. Look Dark the feather wall image that bring with deep gray wall paint and black furniture. With high length you can display the feather flower where it out of range from children.

Coral Ostrich Feather Lamp:

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A modern and luxury look coral ostrich feather lamp that place on floor. Tree style leg of light-lamp is made of brass material. Glamorous beauty comes in your home with cue feather floor lamp. You can set the coral feather lamp close to blue sofa seat.

Pigeon Feather Vase Decoration:

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Glass vase arrange with big size pigeon feather that are in black and white, brown and white hue. Pearl garland wear the glass vase to make luxe beauty of it. Move the feather vase anywhere in your home. Pigeon vase are easily available that you can collect for vase decoration. For this feather craft little time you need to spend.

Lemon Paint:

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Over dining table you can enjoy yellow paint feather chandelier. White color pearls are stuck in each feather that hangs with white thread. Creative style chandelier like your kids and enjoy in long day. In white color dining room these yellow feather add chic accent. With long length of chandelier you can even touch it and feel soft.
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