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Flooring has fundamental importance in home interior. Entire home decoration can influence with flooring so be conscious while selecting perfect flooring for your home. Is your heart knock at wood flooring?   For warm to classic finishing go for hardwood flooring which is convenient, beautiful and functional then other floor types. Eco-friendly wood flooring let you bring in versatility and elegance at same time without spending extra budget.

Consider budget you want to put in wood flooring:


First thing you have to consider is budget. How many budgets you have for flooring is important question.  Wood cost. Polishing, installation and maintenance cost is depend over budget.

Do some homework first:


Choosing same wood for entire home is not favorable option. Entranceway, corridor and kitchen space are heavy foot traffic areas so it better to choose oak and hickory wood which are stronger than soft pine wood. Avoid choosing hardwood for bathroom and basement because water and moisture wrap wood very soon.  Black cherry, soft pine, walnut are best wood option for bedroom and living room space.

Types of wood best for flooring:

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According to above consideration wood are divided into two segment one soft wood and other hard wood.  White pine, black cherry, red oak, white ash, white oak and maple ate soft wood while mahogany, oak, walnut, and cherry, rosewood, teak and hickory are hard wood type richly involve in home and office flooring.

Type of hardwood cuts and grading:

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Step toward next procedure if you choose best wood type for you home flooring. Now question which cut you want for flooring. Flatsawn and quatersawn are two different cut. Flatsawn is in grain pattern while quatersawn is expensive type come in straight grain pattern.  Choose best one form select natural and rustic grading according to your taste.

Types of Finishing:

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Two different finishing introduce for wood flooring defined as per-finishing and site-finishing. Pre-finishing floor get ready for walk when you installed. Site finishing bevel joint not look so attractive.  It also depend over you mood either you like matte finishing or lacquered.  Aluminum Oxidize protect wood very well.

Wide-plank wood flooring:

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Fewer seams and vintage beauty cause to increase popularity of wide plank wood flooring either distressed or not. Wooden wide plank flooring comes in variety of wood types. Walnut, oak, bamboo, pine, maple and teak assume favorite one. These floors look best in vintage, rustic and nautical chic home interiors.

Reclaimed wood flooring:

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Reclaimed wood is brilliant solution to fascinate home interior with warmth natural tones. Pine, teak and walnut reclaimed wood richly come from historical building still used in functional way. Budgeted and eco-friendly reclaimed wood floor create luxe and cozy vibe.

Ebonized hardwood flooring:


Opt to ebonized hardwood floor create luxe and inspiration touch to a space. Such stand out wood flooring permit incredible benefit. These floors in adorable finishing but also productive in durability and lifetime consumption, for sleek and stylish back look prefer cherry, oak, walnut wood according to interior requirement.

Soft pine wood flooring:

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Medium knotted plank pine wood flooring creates whimsical tone in home interior. Corridor and open dining room beautifully graced with soft pine wood for luxe accent.
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