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Bathroom is favorite space of kid who loves with water. Bathtubs and vanities are their most appealing corner in bathroom. They enjoy brushing and bathing if they find little bit more fun and excitement. Kid bathroom decoration is totally opposite from young and adults.

Simple wall has no charm for kids. Create lovely surrounding where they feel happy. Kids have energetic and cheerful personality soon fed up with dull and boring bathroom interiors. Infuse some freshness and fun by incorporating bold and brighter color, attractive wallpapers and playful accessories.

Go for specific theme bathroom decoration instead of making new experiments if you have no ideas about it. Ask your kid what he/she like more.  You have to consider many aspects along decoration. It should be practical and playful. Choose details that are safe and easy. Here we bring little kid’s bathroom inspiration for your guideline.

Garden theme bathroom:

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Add freshness   with green palette involvement.  Bathroom interior should be attractive and colorful. More color means more fun. Garden is best theme to involve greenery.  Stripped wallpaper in greenery shades look so pretty with garden bugs stickers. Greenery fur rug give an illusion of grassy floor.

Finding Nemo theme bathroom:

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Finding Nemo is hit kid’s movie in which Dory and his friend struggle in finding Nemo. Give an opportunity to meet their favorite cartoon character by adoring bathroom space with colorful underwater scenery and film leading character paintings. Wall, toilet shower enclosure and even cover shelves take spa into theme.

Spiderman theme bathroom:

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Everyone is crazy about Spiderman. Spiderman make bigger space in his fan follower belong to all age groups. Kids love Spiderman. Adventurous and thrilling activities inspire them. Renovate Spiderman bathroom for younger boys. Red and white on grey wall give catchy look.

Pirate theme kids bathroom:

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You kid will love stepping into bathroom cowered with pirate. Pirate Disney movies most favorite characters. Mysterious and little bit adventurous pirate theme bathroom attracts kids that are helpful in developing regular bathing habits. Mats, curtains and towels pick in pirate prints to create joyful surrounding.

Monkey bathroom wallpaper:

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Give better lifestyle to your loving kids.  As it groom their personality and built stronger character. Jungle theme bathroom interior with naught monkey acts s best option to introduce them with nature and its elegance. Neutral theme bathroom transform into cheerful space with monkey wallpaper and other accessories.

Mickey Mouse bathroom interior:

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Mickey Mouse is enthralling character. Recall making lots of fun in your baby bathroom.  Mickey Mouse is for boys while Minnie mouse for girls.  I love shower curtain.  Your kid enjoy spa behind the curtain.   Petite floating shelves also loaded with charming Disney decoration pieces.

Tinkerbell fairy inspire bathroom:

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Kid’s always show excitements when they hear about fairies. They dream to find Fairy princess who fill with wished just like Tinkerbell whose job is to repair broken things.  Cool color scheme, pretty phrases, Tinkerbell curtain and vanity top centerpieces all thing catch eyes. It really touching bathroom interior for young ones.
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