1 chic home paint decor (21)

Accents home interior with bold and brighter pattern or prints. Lively colors and cheerful decorations refresh mood when you enter in home. Dramatically decorative home feels like little heaven on the earth.

Today we talk about colorful and chic home interior in which we focus each and every thing such as wall paints, flooring, furniture, centerpieces and other decorative compliment. Catchy and joyful interior give clear impact of happier and jolly home.

Chic Dining Room Interior:

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Awesome, creativity and art are basic factors incredibly involve to fill home ambiance with pleasant and joyful feelings.  Fresh and flashy color floral printed wallpaper, vintage floating shelf, larger sideboard are chic solution to fascinate dining room statement wall.  Yellow chairs, colorful circular floor rug in random placement, and lots of greenery relinquish any chance of boringness.

Playful Dining Room Interior:

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Play with art and colors to adorn simple white washed dining room in whimsical way. Reclaimed wood beam roof ceiling, white wall, French window and wood flooring create traditional impacts but the twist comes through, that will surprised you.

Beautiful butterfly wall paper, ombre shaded floor rug, rainbow color dining chairs, Moroccan colorful bottles centerpieces and drop pendant necklace are festive interiors.

Sofa behind Wall Makeover:

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Renovate white wall and reclaimed wooden floor living room in aesthetic way. Water coloring flower and peacock print prefer for behind the sofa wall make-over. Butterfly printed sectional sofa and sea creature printed couch chair are incredible furniture permit natural-inspire look.

Geometric-Influence Dining Room:

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Dining room also considers family room as it the corner of the home where all family members sit together for delicious meal.  Cheerful and pleasant details put better impression over personality. You feel excellent when sit here.

Color-blocked geometrical-inspired wallpaper is amazing solution for angular wall. Wooden rectangular table look flawless with cubic flower decorative centerpieces. Set kid toys in corner to keep you baby busy during meal.

 Stunning Kitchen Interior:

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Brighter color and chic pattern totally transform the way of decoration. Zingy and fresh color incredibly blends with classical style. Pastel and white wall filled with chalk board monthly scheduled chart and photo frame collage. Simplicity removes through colorful triangular painted island, colorful stool and tabletop centerpieces placement.

Cool Pastel-Inspire Dining Room:

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Space saving dining room interior reflect jolly mood of family members. Pastel color-inspire dining room will amazed you. Multi-color metals chair set around wooded top round pedestal dining table enchant with purple miniature orchid planter. White washed dome style rattan lamp lit-up dining table with cozy lights.

Hook down your memories on plain white wall in festive collage style. Window front bench, gives extra storage space, adorn with pastel color printed cushion and seat mattress. White wall and wood flooring give visible display to pastel theme interior.

Boho-Chic Living Room:

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Go for cheerful and eye-catching decorative item if you are no interested in overloading walls. Keep wall remain simple. Lots of greener bring in with indoor plants. Tribal printed boho-chic floor rug, book stake table top centerpieces bring whimsical charm. Each and every thing reflects artistic taste of its owner.

Lively Read and Nap Corner:

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Lively floral wall define pleasant spring tone. 3D floral art, classical furniture perfect pinch of color and texture create balance. That’s smart solution for living and foyer room decoration. Gold ton console table loaded with piles of vintage books. Medala, bolster and square cushion thrown over blue round floor rug to provide comfy space for reading and napping as well as magenta contemporary couch chair.
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