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Creativity and uniqueness are basics of bohemian decorations.  Bohemian style isn’t means you stick lots of things without proper planning. It need style and rule to decorate bohemian space. There should be balance between every transition either statement or ordinary.  Prints, patterns and pop of colors are major thing that has greater influence in bohemian concepts yet there also many more things need your attention such as chandelier.

Modern crystal chandelier or light pendants feel miss-fit in bohemian interior. Look at those lights and chandelier that perfectly blend into interior and also productive in achieving right style. Here we bring swoon-worthy style of bohemian chandeliers inspiration.

Sizzling boho chandelier:

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Bohemian decorations are another name of space filled but neatly organized decorations. You have to learn first about how lots of details adjust in small spaces that look fantastic without any overwhelming effects. Each and every thing keeps in consideration not just on ground and wall but also for ceiling.

Fabulous drapery and string light details involved in ceiling decoration. Chandelier is ingenious alternative if you not need much more details on the top. Simpler yet subtle-chic chandelier is game-changing hacks. So be careful in selecting bohemian chandelier.

Beaded chandelier:

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Fantastic! This one is catchy light fixture for living room make-over.  Beads and metallic gold hardware constructed chandelier is cooler transition in modern bohemian living room. Chandelier dramatically accent whole surrounding and also fall warmth light over the coffee table.

Playful chandelier for boho dining:

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Peaceful and zingy bohemian decorations are awesome to pick true happiness from light. Fresh and flirtation detail put great impact on heart and soul.  Multicolor carpets, comfy furniture and catchy table top decoration isn’t feel charming until you hook down chandelier over the dining table. Simple white macramé made chandelier is jaw-dropping transition keep balance between style and elegance.

Sensational bohemian chandelier:

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Boho chandelier now is awe-inspiring fashion trend that make its place in modern home interiors. Rattan basket and black wooden beaded enchant statement chandelier perfect for central positioning. Spice up living and dining room with inviting chandelier.

Pom-pom and feather chandelier:

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Switch extra coziness and romance into bedroom interior with such novelty-chic hacks. Wool yarn, colorful pom-pom and feather decorative diy chandelier is sensation light for bohemian interior. Easy and budget-friendly chandelier adds million dollar worth into interior.

Festive macramé chandelier:

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Handmade and diy thing are real soul of bohemian decoration. Bohemian decoration isn’t completed without macramé. Macramé hand woven chandelier light keeps everyone astonished.   Graceful and chic hanging lights are attractive solution for focal space decorations.

Wood-beaded boho chandelier:

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Discover innovative light for you dreamy home interiors. Chunky wooden beaded chandeliers are insanely-chic addition in bohemian interiors.  These incredible lights streamline space with nature glow and versatility.

Tassel bohemian chandelier:

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Lace and tassels are living hack of bohemian decoration without which there’s no charm in boho interior. Here eye-catching chandelier design with lace and fringe tassel.  Multiple tiered tassel and halo hoop made chandelier is enthralling transition that’ll melt your heart.
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