1 amazing Wood wall art (5)

Wall art is now a new topic for those who love to decorate home. Millions of ideas introduced for wall decoration purpose. Walls are not just for supporting purpose these are statement port of the home has greater influence in home interior and exterior decoration.

Home interior decoration can’t be completed without wall decoration. Think beyond wall painting and wallpaper application.  Wall art in distinctive way show your artistic taste but also polish overall interior looks.  From gazillions of wall art ideas here we are going to discuss wooden wall art.

I’m not talking about wooden wall. I’m discussing about the way to decoration that convert simple wall in festive one. Headboard, wall hanging, wooden shelving are general trick to accent wall yet there are many more ideas waiting for your attentions.

Carving wood panel wall art:

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Put hand painted or reclaimed wood wall hanging aside and try this Moroccan inspire wooden wall hanging. Unique hand carving wood panel look awesome in white wash finishing. It perfectly blends to all type of home interior from tradition to modern. Wooden carving or laser cut wall hanging incredibly involve in bedroom and living room wall treatment. Behind the bed and sofa wall is statement places where it reveal true charm.

Wooden arrow head wall art:

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Simple and cost effective wooden wall hanging done by everyone either experienced or not is right here. Reclaimed wood arrow head create meaningful vine in living room. Plain wall look adorable due to little inserts.

Wooden block wall hanging:

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Add texture with lots of glance by making eye-catching wall art with petite square plunks. Geometric or abstract wall hanging both looks awesome in every home interior. Wood box of different color apply to make square wall hang that used for above the console wall makeover.

Feather Pyrography wall art:

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Pyrography which also known as pyrogravure is incredible art of decoration in which burn makes apply to draw different patterned. Its best deal to transform simple wall in dramatic one. Reclaimed wood wall panels fascinate with pretty feather through Pyrography. Such wall art give prominent charm to above the console or behind the sofa walls.

Wood topography sculpture wall art:

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Jaw-dropping wall art that easily enhance within budgets. Natural inspire wooden sliced brilliantly apply to adorn navy blue wall decoration. It alluring method to define dining room wall with warmth feeling.  Reclaimed wooden slices arranged dramatically for topography sculpture wall art.  Edgy wood slice really look awesome. Must- tries it to create wow factor.

 Wooden slice wall hanging:

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It simple and sleek idea for accent white wall when the room already fill with cozy details. Boho-chic modern living room attaches dining room come in focus due to flawless wall art. Giant wooden slice which is in raw edge finishing hang on the wall or novelty-inspire nature tones.

Living edge wall art:

8 amazing Wood wall art (11)

Totally impressive wood wall project once make you speechless is in front of your eye. Playful and dramatic reclaimed wood living edge wooden slice ingeniously mounted on wall t shape breathtacking display section.  Floating glass insert to built lovely wall mounted shelf for centerpiece placement. Such festive wall art are best for entrance, corridor, foyer and living room decorations.

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