Unique and stunning Boho clutch are perfect for everyday use. Big size hand carries are decorated with embroidery and beads. Single zipper attach in these women clutch in which cash, cell phone like storage can make. Colorful clutch easily match with dressing. Pom-pom flower and fringe tassel also used to enhance the beauty of Boho clutch. Fabric stitch clutch are wash able and leather material are also available.

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Chunky Boho Clutch:


Trendy girls match slim fit clutch with her spaghetti strap knee length gray dress. Gypsy embellished clutch is light weight that you can carry in your own style. Silver color small plates are hanging all around the clutch with top zipper. You can make little storage like cell phone, cash and jewelry. Women Boho style clutch is wash able when become dirty.

Embroidery Work Boho Clutch:


Orange and blue color flap over clutch decorates with embroidery and small circle. Strip design made with colorful circle that help in easy matching with dress. Fashion ladies like to carry fabric clutch that are easy to handle. You can enjoy the clutch under arm pit or hold in hand. Casually you can get the Boho embroiderer colorful clutch.

Thin Belt Boho Clutch:


Embroiderer Boho clutch tailored with thin long belt. Unique look clutch is perfect for summer days when you cat walk on road. Flap over part of clutch trim with silver plates. It depend on your mood either you pick up the clutch in hand or wear in shoulder. With every dress you can get the Boho clutch on that thread work decorate in geometrical style.

White Fringe Tassel Clutch:


In above image with white skin tight pent dual color clutch carry the lady. Big size clutch embellished with thread and glass. Amazing Fringe tassel is hanging with zipper at front of clutch. You can enjoy street cat walk with light weight purse. Cheap clutch blush in day light and can attract others. Really awesome beauty gives your hand white color Boho clutch.

Layered Tassel Clutch:


Bright color quality leather clutch furnished with embroidery and tassel. Layered tassel feel soft on hand when you catch the clutch in your hand. You can tailor the clutch at home if you are tailor master.  Inspire to blue clutch lady wear bracelets and ring. Boho clutch is durable and keep you relax when you are at outdoor space. Love with tassel decorated clutch.

Colored Strip Log Fabric Clutch:


If you have made plain of beach picnic you can get Boho clutch with you. Long size fabric purse has strip print that give stunning beauty. Extra thread of flap over par of clutch treats in tassel look. Enjoy able clutch turn your life style and make you modern lady. Cheap clutch you can craft on home or buy from market.

Beads Embellished Clutch:


Brown color clutch decorate with beads material. Flap over clutch give you trendy style that you can make with your jeans short dressing. Double tassel also design in clutch that give chic beauty to women clutch. Fabric clutch is hand wash and for casual use. You can enjoy personal storage inside the bag to go outside.
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