Today here we release Prada 2017 RTW spring collection of bags. Stunning design of women bag is process in favor of luxe detail and exotic leather. Two major styles are founded in this whole collection that is chain strap flap over and satchel.  Long flat strip of leather material fully supported the bag with top zip enclosure. Strips of bags were as long that model becomes confusing how to carry the bag on runway. You can also take ideas from below images.

Faux Fur Chain Strap Bag:


In Prada latest collection of women bag faux fur chain strap flap over bag consider the fine crafting. With flower back front brown color fur is so soft and gives you warmth feelings. Golden ring chain strap as long as you can enjoy in your shoulder of fold to carry the bag in hand. Long leather strap turn from back and covered in buckle. Model confuse on run way how to carry the bag when thy familiarized with audience.

Top Zipper Check Style Bag:


Quality leather bag has top zip enclosure in which you can easily make the personal storage. Black, blue and red strips are cut down to arrange in square check style. Working ladies can use casually Prada bag that is light in weight. You can style the bag as carry book in her hand and keep on her chest. Match the bag with your summer or winter dress to impress others.

Crocodile Brown Leather Slim Fit Bag:


Exotic leather big size slim fit leather hand bag carry the lady under arm pit. Flap over bag give paper file look that best suited to store or make paper like storage. Brown color quality leather women bag spark in day light. Rich impression appears when you get big size flap over bag at outdoor place. Everyone Affordable bag you can easily attain and make your own style.

Sparkly Buckle Strap Hand Bag:


Warmth black leather looks lovely when you carry with an ivory or pale yellow dress. Silver chain strap hand I round ring that elaborate top of flap over bag. Blue and glitter flower buckle spark over black strap that has an extra length. For everyday use Prada quality leather bag is a great idea. Use can easily open and close the bag when push the long strap back of bag.

Flower Print Leather Prada Bag:


In above image reasonable size flower print leather women bag pick up the model with gray and black dress. Above the flower leather black strip elaborate with in golden color Prada signature. Amazing for summer spring days flower print bag with flower dress. Stunning beauty of bag will become visible due to red flower print over black.

Top Holder Hand Bag:


Now enjoy long travel with Prada hand carry that crafted with fine leather material. Crocodile print leather used in zip enclosure and top holders while other in plain. In long strip brown color zip stitch and both end of thick leather hand on both side of bag. Wide space gives you leather bag to make cloth or other storage.

Flower Deer Print Flap over Bag:


You don’t imagine how flower deer and plain leather used at a time in a bag. Prada design an amazing look bag that front crafted with deer print. Back of bag come in black color with long patent leather strip. Golden ring chain adds rich charm in women hand bag. You can carry he bag in your own style hat your favorite.
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