Latest style genuine leather clutch you need to make trendy style that like others. Slim light weight clutch for everyday use all add in our today collection. Bright and light color quality leather you can enjoy long time. In these clutch you can make paper like storage. Leather clutch are in wide variety like handle strap, metal ring holder, fringe tassel, wood holder, textured leather, and buckle style.

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Oversized With Handle Strap Clutch:


Fold over genuine leather clutch that hold everything you need on daily base. Its soft stuff and easy fit perform well with plenty of pockets for personal items storage. Oversized clutch with holder strap you can carry easily and enjoy day to night. Top zip with ring band you can hold in your hand or under arm. Quality leather with nice color scheme sparks in day light.

Mint Vegan Leather Boho Clutch:


I found really beautiful this vegan leather mint clutch. Front handle with top hanging belt you can make style according to your own choice.  Slim clutch give you space to make paper or cash like storage. You can take idea from above image where trendy girl inspired to clutch color and fabric get hand bracelets. Even you can carry leather clutch with jeans dressing or short.

Metal Ring Holder Clutch:

In this right size brown leather clutch you can store keys, wallet, and cell phone like things. Top metal ring holder is comfortable to carry in hanging position. High grade leather clutch ensure the best quality with stylish and fitting body features. Single zip add in this clutch and feel soft when touch your hand. Light weight and reasonable in price clutch I think you quickly buy and enjoy your day.

Structural Wooden Leather Clutch:


Flap over black leather long size clutch design with natural wood top holder. Enjoy unique style leather clutch with your leather dressing. I hope you first time see this clutch and much inspired to buy this one. Long clutch hold your small things due to its less wide. You can make your own style with top wood holder black leather clutch.

Cut-Out Style Leather Clutch:


This one nude color leather clutch is very interesting due to its cute style. Flap over part of clutch has tiny buckle. Inside a single pocket available to make personal or needed storage. You can hold the clutch from top corner. Nude color of leather matches with your every color dressing.

Black Color Textured Leather Clutch:


Warmth black textured leather clutch has top zip inside that you can easily make slim storage. In Front holder of clutch you can slip your hand can walk in easy mood. For everyday use this one black clutch is suitable and effective. Quality leather clutch you can long time use with its slim fit features detail.

Folding Fringe Tassel Leather Clutch:


Dark brown color leather clutch you can fold due to its flexibility features. Fringe tassel look interesting at one corner. Light weight quality leather bag give shimmering expression and you feel happy. For casual use leather clutch best suited that keep protect your storage in suddenly rainy season.
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