Diana Ulanova studio is bag manufacturing studio.  Inspirational detailed patterned leaf bag can designed with their boundless fantasy and delicate sense of style in their collection. This studio can use personal technology and expertise for their Diana Ulanova studio. Their inspiration comes in different designs and nature itself for their bag making. Their artistic bags clutch and pouch are made with high quality leather material with addition of brighten colors. Green yellow autumn inspired white burgundy blue and many more colors.

Green leaf hand carry bag:


Diana Ulanova collection leather green leave inspiration bag bring eye-catching hue on their handling style.  Leaf corner at the top with side styling had carry bag is suitable for formal wearing and get impressive charm on their handling with their formal parties styling ideas. This trendy Diana Ulanova bag brings marvelous touches on their handling style.

Burgundy top knotted leaf drop pouch:


Burgundy colored inspirational leaf top knotted hand carry pouch can style up with gold metallic chain dangling style.  This alluring leather leaf corner edge style hand carry pouch brings versatility on their formal parties with their trendy outfits.  Diana Ulanova studio can designed this artistic designing purse with high quality material.

Autumn leaf flap over clutch design:


In this image you can see creative autumn leaf hand carry flap over clutch. Diana Ulanova studio ca lunched this unique artistic leaf clutch bag for trendy women.  Leaves corner flap over style autumn themed clutch can suitable for their autumn designer costume. This designer clutch can popularize in fashionable girls and get enchanting hue on their modern appearance.

Green leaf drop flap over bag:


Green leaf flap over black  strappy bag bring dreamy charm with their handling style  back leather ad gold chain double strappy leaf flap over bag can adored with gold chain dangling  fringe  accessory. This stunning   look Diana Ulanova studio bag can get appealing hue on their modern appearance.

Diana Ulanova leaf zipper mini purse:


Maple leaf shaped side zipper purse is unique creation of the Diana Ulanova studio. This chic purse can get outstanding hue on their casual and formal handling style. Small girls are also like this trendy unique leaf purse and hade with their matching or contrasted dresses. You may also try this unique leaf purse for your trendiest styling and grab the attention in any formal handling.

Green leaf purse and clutch collection:


Diana Ulanova collection green leaf hand bag and clutch pair can allure your handling style. Matching two green leaf bags bring versatile glam on their inspiring matching costume. Leaf flap cover hand carry slim clutch is suitable for formal evening parties and bring modest hue on them. Their handling leaf draping style green purse can used as casual market going look. These stylish green leaves bag can get superb hue on their handling style.

Yellow leaf drop pouch design:


In this image you can see yellow Diana Ulanova leave purse that can design with top knotted style with pouch handling style. Light and dark yellow leaf pouch can style up their modern handling look with these leaves dropping style.  You may also carry for your casual market handling look.

Royal blue leaf drop purse:


Royal blue colored artistic leave drop purse that can get flashing hue on their modern party handling style. High quality soft leather material is used on this leaf drop purse and gets charming hue on their handling style. I suggest you may also try this pouch and get astonishing glam on their handle style.
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