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Think beyond traditional to contemporary trends if you looking for festive furniture for bedroom especially bed. Bed is statement furniture of the room which selected to keep different factors n mind.

Comfort and style put in front whish durability and cost come in second, bed you bring in home must be comfortable as it main purpose it make you body relaxed.  Be design must be blend with interior decorations.

Now these days rectangular or square bed isn’t match with modern interiors especially those which you adorn under conceptual themes.  Round bed deigns gain popularity due to funky appeals. These are looks god and also give balance posture when sleep.

Round bed is notable bedroom furniture nicely replaced rectangular bed. Low lying round platform bed cover less space an n easily set everywhere without effecting other interiors . Plato, Lullaby Due, Gabriela and Fiona Chenille round bed are too popular

Wooden platform round bed:

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Round bed is interesting addition in room having some space issue. If square bed not suit to interior decoration than replace it with round one. Round bed cover less space and permit pretty daunting looks.  Such bed become visible complements of cozy theme bedrooms. Wooden platform round bead with corner head board really look fantastic due red pillow, ivory cushion and brown blanket setup.

Cozy round bed:

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I love this dreamy bedroom decorated under bold and daring color combinations theme. Magical surrounding put pleasant impact over personality. Grey wall, white drapery, round bed, neutral floor rug and burgundy couch sofa develop warmth tones. Black finishing round bed with delightful mattress and inbuilt head cushion details are flawless transition turn entire interior decoration mood.

Luxurious circular bed:

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Luxurious and master size bedroom incredibly accent in modern way. It feels like little heaven on the earth. White and brown combinations develop pleasant vibe.  It angular rooms has curvy headboard wall with not best for  straight bed  positioning that why round bed set right under  bling crystal chandelier hook down with round pattern ceiling.

White leather round bed:

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Retro-chic and advance room interior need something unique and festive which perfectly bled with modern life style. It’s an era if innovations and technology. Way not we bring change in bed design with other decorative interiors.  Round bed is playful option to bring mega change. White and black theme unban style bedroom renovated in sleek style. Gorgeous wallpaper, fur rug and button tufted gazar finishing leather round bed are amazing item totally transform decoration concepts.

Feminine round bed:

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Feel elegance in feminine-inspire bedroom. Everything shows real taste of its owner. Curvy wall behind round bed, allure with floral bed cover and colorful cushion setup, has inbuilt shelf which glow in lights.  These shelf here use in functional way that why it remove need of additional sideboard. White lacquered finishing flatform circular bed is awesome furniture for modern homes.

Low lying round platform bed:

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Sleek and style bed that must create wow-factor is right here. Platform low lying round bed is appealing furniture of charcoal black and white theme bedroom. Platform bed manufactured in round shape but the mattress place on it in rectangular. Versatility and elegance meet together at the point. It will look flawless in contemporary to advance homes.

Neutral wood and leather round bed:

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Fashionable round bed is amazing blend of modern and classy details that will suit to every home interior. Neutral coloring make of even more effective. Leather and wood round furniture become wonderful part of retro-chic black theme bedrooms renovated for male personality.
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