You need to buy right bed for your new born baby. Different style and size baby cot here we share with you that are useful in storage and easy moving to change the direction. Especially your babies stay happy and relax in these baby cots for that natural wood and quality bedding is selected. A three piece baby cot bed contains baby cot, drawers and shelf.

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Under Storage Style Baby Cot:

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You can easily afford traditional shape cot made with natural wood and finish in white paint. The inside mattress are as set that your baby feel highly relax and enjoy for the long time. If your baby is little you can add side pillow or cushion to protect from side wood pallet. The big size baby cot is craft with under drawers that is useful solution to make storage.

Purple and White Modern Style Cot:

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For your baby girl we select soft color comfortable furniture set. Purple and white set include baby cot, wardrobe and shelves to make cute display. You can easily move the baby cot from one corner to other corner of the room due to tire legs. Incredible design baby furniture is a luxury piece of furniture that you can arrange in baby bedroom.

Modern Baby Cot:

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In white and pink color baby cot you can entertain your baby boy or girl. Stylish design baby cot with head side canopy adds interesting features that can entertain your baby. Long tulle curtain in canopy stop room light o enter in baby cot when they take sleep. Fluffy bedding with matching pillow arrange in big side tire cot. Over wood floor moving the baby cot become easier.

Blue Baby Cot with Mobile:

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Dark blue baby cot prominent in baby bedroom and it will like your baby because color attracts them. High length baby cot arranges with double bedding and upholster side wall. Baby mobile is additional piece in this cot for baby playing. Blue and white color combination is selected for this bay cot made with metal material.

Rockwell Baby Cot:

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It is small in size and easy to install in your bedroom to live with baby. You new born baby need luxurious piece of cot that basket made with microfiber. You will well rock the baby cot that fit in stainless steel frame and wood legs. Rocking stand of cot best fit on smooth base and your baby can live cool and comfy.

White Color Luxury Baby Cot:

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It’s a luxury and fabulous look baby cot that parent want to provide their kids. It design with hard material in which quilted leather bedding also design that give relax sleep to your little baby. Unique style baby cot small legs keep it up from the floor to easy clean the room. You insured about the inside sheet must be soft and fluffy and don’t hurt your baby.

Natural Wood Made Baby Cot:

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You can buy natural wood made furniture for your new born baby. Big size baby cot is crafted with a drawers and set of wall shelf. Double bedding with baby mobile and colorful blanket you can enjoy baby cot to your cute baby. Side pallet wall of cot come in white with other pure wood color combination. Decorate the pink color accessories on shelf and storage baby cloth in pink basket.
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