Enjoy yourself with handmade barrel coffee table. Unique piece of furniture that give interesting look when see others. Other must appreciate your fun craft that always get small space. Natural wood whisky coffee table gives you idea to make under storage. In our collection you will see coffee table is craft with top wood base or glass. High length from floor help in easy cleans the room. For more look below!

High Length Barrel Coffee Table:


Which material you need to craft the barrel coffee table for home use see below!


•    Whisky barrel
•    Screw
•    Lumber
•    Kreg jig
•    Miter saw
•    Drill
•    Reciprocating saw
•    Clamps
•    Polyurethane
•    stain

Vintage Oak Whisky Barrel Coffee Table:


You can add some interest in your home with this handmade whisky barrel coffee table. Recycle whisky barrel into unique coffee table with under storage features detail. Hand stained the coffee table in same color that list down on your home furniture. Rustic and modern style mix and match in coffee bar table. Cork fill in barrel for storage the whisky and show clearly in top glass layer.

Round Style Barrel Coffee Table:


For your drawing room natural wood barrel coffee table in round style will be favorable. Little space you need for arranging the table to make center. Top base of table also made of wood that can bear heavy load of books. Different look give the center table in drawing room furniture. You can easily clean the durable coffee table. Gorgeous coffee table much impress the others when see in your home.

Diy Wine Coffee Table:


Diy wine coffee table is high from floor to easy clean the carpet. With this one coffee table you can change the direction due to its extra length. Smooth surface give you much space with that you can make wide display. If you have wished to buy modern furniture wine barrel coffee tale best suited in this case.  When you do Simple steps feel fresh.

Bright Look Barrel Coffee Table:


Dark or prominent color look give the round coffee table. Top big hole of barrel fill with colored cork that appear interesting scene. White color sofa set make lovely pair with bright coffee table. You can decorate the table in your own style that you have earlier plane. More reason may be for this one barrel round table in guest room. Little space need for this one hard and heavy table.

Cask Coffee Table:


Barrel coffee table enough simply craft in which half part of barrel clean, shine with sturdy paint and emerged into useful furniture piece. This one coffee table idea you can install in your rumpus rooms, basement. Rich color you can paint on table or can add a warmth touch. Surprisingly piece of furniture get same color that found in wood floor.

Antique Design Barrel Coffee Table:


Vintage design natural wood crafted barrel coffee table you can enjoy for your home basement. Velvet floral print carpet lay down under the table. Enough coffee table give unique piece in home. Dark to light color combination you can add in this vintage table. Center of table listed with transparent glass to see under storage.
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