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Sliding door is one of the best references for contemporary to modern home designs. These doors are spectacular alternative that positively influence home interior designs. Sliding door is also elegant solution for space saving and angular home interior. Pocket and wall mounted sliding door are or every room either living or bedroom.

Even it considers best choice for bathrooms.  You can create rustic-chic barn feeling through wooden siding door or totally convert it in advance home with aluminum and glasses sliding doors installations. Must think about decorative yet functional sliding doors either considers for interiors or exteriors.

Types of sliding door:

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Sliding door is convenient choice for every home.  There are different types of sliding door in relation to its installation rather than material and designing.
•    Single sliding door
•    Double panel sliding door leave in same directions
•    Double panel sliding door leave in inverse directions
•    Pocket sliding door
•    Curved sliding door
•    Sliding and fixed leave combo door
•    Sliding folding door

Single sliding door:

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This one is amazing solution when you are angular walk way for room entrance. French style black aluminum frame and transparent glass panel door is in single sliding doors. One side sliding door is elegant choice for single corner doors.

Barn wood sliding door for kitchen:

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Rustic and modern mix living home interior must grabs attentions. Darker wood sliding door reveals statement charm in corridor. Sliding room elected for kitchens because there is no space for door opening in corridor. Heavy natural finishing wooden door is perfect for barn style homes.

Modern wood sliding door:

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Wooden sliding door is not just for barn or countryside homes. It’s fantastic interior element of modern home. Sleek finishing single sliding door open is both directions. It perfectly blends with wooden flooring of black theme home.  Unique sliding hardware fixture is real thing which amazed you a lot.

Folded sliding door:

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Sliding roods are adorable reference for living room. Bedroom, kitchen and porch side areas especially when you planed to relinquish entire wall.  It also works as a divider in certain situations. Crystal clear glasses and aluminum frame folding sliding door create luxurious ambiance. When you slide triple panel door they automatically get fold and turn in one.

Mirror glass sliding door:

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Advance home interior need something more elegant and innovative. Pop in reflective grace and illusionary get a sense of openness in space saving room by installing mirror sliding room. Single mirror sliding door is flawless trend of the season never disappoints you ever.

Curvy sliding doors:

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Some home architectural design demanding something unusual and appealing. It’s hard to install door in curvier wall. Curvy sliding door is surprising element best works if you have circular rooms. Wood and mirror reflective door ingeniously involve in luxurious sunroom decorations. These doors overcome both functional and decorative requirements.

Double panel sliding door:

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White lacquered finishing double panel sliding door is smart addition in white theme bedroom. Door consists of two panels which slide in opposite directions. Black bar handle white door is interesting complement of modern home.

Pocket sliding door:

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Pocket sliding door is fabulous interior compliment work efficiently where you have no enough space for wall mounted sliding door. Pocket sliding door is perfect for adjacent wall room as show in above photo.

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