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Healthy fruit and vegetable salad decoration is creative art that will inspired your party setting. Raw fruits and raw veggies are used for making salad and decorate with artistic styling.
Cucumber, tomato, onion, carrots, radish, green beans,  mushrooms, celery, avocado, olive, barriers, parsley garden beets, cauliflower, broccoflower, lemon, capsicum, spice and many ore veggies.
Apple, grapes, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi fruits, berries, banana, orange, plum and many more raw fruits are used for fruit salad snakes.
These fruits and vegetable salads are decorated with an elegant way and accentuate your party function with fruit or veggie salads.

Fish salad trey:

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Yummy fish style salad trey is best healthy appetizer for any dinner party. Fish shape salad decoration can grab the attraction on your party table. Broccoflower bordered multi vegetable fish salad is adorned your trey with carrot, cucumber slice, lemon slice, without peel cucumber slice and beans. This elegant decorative fish salad may also accentuate your dinner party dining table.

Boat anchor salad trey:

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Boat anchor style vegetable salad is best choice for your get together party. This themed salad decoration brings eye- catching touch on your party.  Cucumber slices made boat anchor can grab the attraction on this mix vegetable salad trey. Vegetable sticks filled boat anchor vegetable salad can glimpse marvelous hue on your modern salad decoration.

Peacock fruit salad snakes:

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Peacock themed yummy fruits appetizer snakes plate is prominent in wedding or party tale. This healthy and delightful appetizer salad trey is attractive for party guest. Kiwi fruit is adorned with eyes, nose and fruity appetizer sticks for shape of the peacock. Orange slice, banana slice, red grapes slice, grapes ball orange chuck, pineapple slice filled sticks are attached on kiwi fruit and make outstanding peacock fruit salad snakes decor.

Spring flower veggie salad:

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Fun spring flower veggie salad trey is attractive for party guest. This creative veggie salad trey can grab the attention in any dinner party.  Cucumber slice made flower is adorned with onion slice, edge carrot sticks and broccoflower edge garden theme.  This yummy artistic spring veggie salad may rock your party table with this wooden oval trey.

Creative animated fruit salad design:

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Yummy fruity salad dish is best appetizer in party function. This mouthwatering fruit dish can grab the attraction of party gust and show artistic hue on this salad trey decoration. Center full pineapple with slices is placed and gives a shape of mouse with pineapple slices and adorned with colorful fruits. Strawberries slice, grapes, black berries may also get colorful your pineapple animated salad dish.

Rainbow fruit salad dish:

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Delicious rainbow fruit salad dish may also get fantastic hue on your   party.  Yummy fruity rainbow fruit salad   is well arranged with mix fruit slices.   Top layer is adorned with strawberry slices, next is orange slice slayer then pineapple grapes and last one is plum layer. This yummy rainbow fruit salad may also get charming hue wit side marshmallows and chocolates chunks.

Owl shape fresh fruit dipping salad:

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Fruit dip salad idea may also get mouthwatering for your party guest.  Fresh cream dip fruit bowl give a shape of owl with entire fruits decoration.  Strawberries slices, pineapple slices and grapes décor owl   fruits salad trey is best appetizer fro any function.  Let’s decorate your party with this yummy fresh fruit dipping owl fruit salad.
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