1 stunning smokey glitter eye (18)

Apply glittery smoky eye make-up for bold and dramatic look. Glam-inspire smoky eyes with glittery touch hit right now.  You look gorgeous in smoky eyes with slight glittery touch. Evening, prom, wedding and Christmas are best occasion for such darling eye treatment.  Glittery smudge and glitter-line are amazing style to get versatile smoky eyes.

Pretty glitter smoked eye make-up:

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Shimmery blush pink smoky eyes are perfect for any occasional styling either daylight or evening.  Drop-dead glam eyes beautiful enhance by smudging glitter with shimmery eye-shades, bold wing liner give focal charm to eye, in this way you can enhance darling looks but don’t forget about mink lashes application.

Smoky silver eye-make-up:

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Fantastic! Get the look if you really interested in sexier and bold appeal. Smoker eye with silver shimmer coating   seem attractive. Thick glitter and black simple application highlight smoky smudge. Flawless Instagrams special look is right. Lock it for incredibly hot and sizzling looks.

Gold cut crease smoky eyes:

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Gold glitter cut crease smoker eye makeup is timeless option for daring and confident look. You can emulate glittery smoky eyes in different way but this work fantastically. Gold smoky eye are pretty solution for holiday and valentine special celebrations.

Cut crease is smart trick for statement outcomes. Simply apply matte brown eye shadow first and then take darker and bolder liner to apply crease line. Smudge it nicely from corner by making arch from inner corner to outer corner. Finally dab eyelid below the crease with gold glitter to enhance dramatic glittery smoked eyes.

 Gold Glitter smoky eyes:

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Winter is best time for glittery smoky eye make-up. Cozy look easily enhance with smoker eyes and darker mat lipstick.  Smoky smudge eyes with black liner and thick curly eye-lashes make eye look even more festive. Glitter smoky eyes clearly define you bold and confident personality.

 Drop-dead glitter smoky eyes :

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Another sizzling hot look tends you to say wow! Beautiful eyes look gorgeous due to gold-glam-inspire smoky eyes make-up. Cut crease gold and wine smoky eyes seem flawless with double winged eyeliner, black and silver eyeliners along lash line give focal charm.  Thick eye-brows in curve and fake long lashes highlight gold Smokey make-over.

 Stunning glittery smoky eyes:

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Look this sultry eye make-up look for edgy party styling.  Extremely bold eyes are in smoky finishing and glitter touch. Gold smoked eyes, burgundy lips and bronze blush-on application make you look even more attractive everyone feel hard to move eyes from you. Must-try it for evening and prom parties.

Silver glittery smoky eyes:

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Bring twist in smoky eyes make up with glittery or shimmer eye-liner application instead of dabbing eye-lid with heavy glitter coat. Just follow this look for fashion forward styling. Stunning eyes look form by applying glitter liner.

It adds frosty grace, silver iridescent definition to crease of the eyes.  Cut crease eyes look getting in different style. Apply curve winged line along the crease as well as lash line but put is half and connect it with black liner along lash line, plum touch Smokey glitter eyes define true feminine beauty.
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