Your boyfriend ripped jeans is the one and only piece that all season keep in your closet. You can turn your summer style into winter with pair of ripped jean and lace sneaker. Enjoy casual but attractive look I these boyfriend jeans and game shoes. College and trendy girl like to wear these dressing because it keeps them comfort. Easy to makes fashion style with same or different color in jeans and sneaker. For more look below!

Blue & Black look:


Never really just on one adds dual in your over all beauty look. Happy life mean plays with colors not always see in one or bore. This winter make cat walk in leather jacket, ripped jeans and Nike sneaker. Gray color jersey fabric button down shirt you can attain under blush leather zip jacket. Pick up big size black hang bags and dress up your hair in bang style. Slip your glass on head and now enjoy winter street styling.

Make College Look:


If you are a student’s then you should follow the above image style with your ripped jeans and sneaker. Long sleeve polka dot white top make perfect contras over blue jeans and nude neck wrap scarf. Brown color sunglasses suit o your oval shape face and in shoulder length hair. You can wear cross body bag and slip hand in ripped jeans pocket. Other will much impress when see you in this modern look.

Best & Bright In Winter:


Best way to rock the ripped jeans with button down plaid shirt and green blazer. Brown color fringe bag, lace sneaker, and wool cap make life easy like selected lady in above image. In Black band hair style and red lipstick pretty beauty of lady emerged. Supper casual way to wear ripped jeans and sneaker that keep relax. Every thin in bright color get the lady to avoid from cold weather.

All is black and every thin with ripped jeans and sneaker. Half sleeve cut out body round neck top wear the lady with button jacket. Skinny ripped jeans is show slim beauty of lady. Her beauty gesture clearly shows the body tone. White and black sneaker gives easy long walk. Thin golden legs sunglasses covered her eyes fully. With this style dressing you can attain little punk look in your personality.

Comfortable & Classy Tartan Print:


In above image comfortable dressing make the lady in tartan print top and boyfriend ripped jeans. You can easily wear your game sneaker in this dressing. Stud embellished hang bag give you little but perfect space to make personal storage at outdoor space. Feel free in cuff jeans, flat sneaker and collared sneaker. Now you can also get neck jewelry due to collared neck shirt.

Turn Summer Style Into Winter:


Turn your summer strip style into winter with blazer print and ripped jeans. Navy blue and white color sneaker matched with strip blazer and v-neck top. Golden wrist watch makes visible look in lady arm. Slip your hand in jeans pocket and walk on road with full confidence. As turn summer style into winter you also can enjoy ripped jean.

Autumn Winter Look:


It’s time to wear maxi coat trend over ripped jeans and sneaker. This is sophisticated look as temperature is low but you love and like to wear. Fringe scarf pull down in neck with Diy shoulder length hair. Skinny jeans and sneaker best define your height and physical fitness. In winter dress all color mix and give cozy feelings. Lace boots help in long walk  and keep comfort.