1 Tulip Shalwar Design for Women (10)

Pakistani women want are more responsive in fashion as other countries women. That why when she go to market for anything first for their wardrobe give much time to read out the color, pattern and latest styles. After knowing women psychology we also try to share new style with them. Tulip shalwar fashion with different tops here we share. Women see the tulip shalwar but have less awareness how to carry it which type of top. With different print and fabric tulip shalwar give unique look.  See below images!
2 Tulip Shalwar Design for Women (9)

Modish lady wear the printed red color short shirt in elbow length sleeve. Red shirt dress with chiffon tulip shalwar gives functional look. Mirror cut embroidery work orange jacket with pleat style earring give lovely look beauty to lady. Backless Punjabi chappal in nude color is make cute contras.
3 Tulip Shalwar Design for Women (14)

Lace appliqué tulip shalwar in white color with blue long sleeve shirt dressing give calm expression. Tea length embroidery work shirt decorates with lace sleeve and shirt front border. Ruffle pleated give great style to shirt. Color contras with tulip shalwar best suited for summer days.
4 Tulip Shalwar Design for Women (15)

Most casual look develops in sleeveless top with tulip shalwar. Trendy lady wear printed top in v-neck style on white shalwar. Fit and flare form latest style shalwar keep you relax with flat shoes. On end of v-neck one side flower fabric make elegant look beauty. For casual wearing above image define outfit give right choice to enjoy summer days.
5 Tulip Shalwar Design for Women (2)

In left side image trendy lady wear the sleeveless horizontal printed tea length shirt. Dark green color tulip shalwar match with chiffon dupatta. White and green color contras look so interesting. With silk dressing you can pick up chiffon dupatta for casual look.
Tulip shalwar with printer lining sewed in lawn fabric. In right size image slim and smart beauty girl wearing the printed one shoulder shirt. Round shirt is stitch with green color sleeve. You can easily wear nude color heel shoes with white shalwar dress. Light color selection in printed shirt gives right decision.

6 Tulip Shalwar Design for Women (3)

Heavy embroidery work chiffon shirt with cut sleeve you can enjoy on parties or function. Mid length shirt with white tulip shalwar look so nice. Tulip shalwar embellished with tiny ball lace. Multi color dress with long dupatta that has silk patch border is wearing the lady in her neck.
7 Tulip Shalwar Design for Women (6)

Embroidery work open style shirt top wear the trendy lady with silk tulip shalwar. Silk fabric in dusty gray color shalwar sparks and gives impressive look beauty. Sleeveless shirt give most modern beauty when you will wear with head jewelry. Eastern look is show in women beauty with tulip shalwar dress.
8 Tulip Shalwar Design for Women (13)

Printed open style knee length top wear the women with tulip shalwar. With dark color vibrant white shalwar give cute look. Cross body matching dress hand bag also wearing the lady to make personal storage. Western style sandals with dark lipstick enjoy the lady with cat walk.
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