Any type of winter summer outfit gives sexy look when you wear perfect pair of shoes. In this sense loafer leather slipper are more helpful. You can get business, casual to street style in these soft and easy slippers. Leather slipper are embellished with gold buckle and faux that trim on backless. Comfort feels the loafer shoes for happy life. Leather slipper are mostly crafted in black color that feel warm in winter.

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Business Look:


Cute business look attain the pink lady in above image. She dress-up black skinny jeans with strip shirt and over pink blazer. Summer hat and sunglasses is needed accessory to protect from sun rays. Jeweled buckle flap over purse and backless loafer shoes she also adds in her whole dressing. Attractive glance appear in this style that pick up the business lady.

Modern Look:


You’re well dressing give positive effect to your personality. People judge you quickly when see you dressing. Trendy lady look happy after wearing black and red fashion outfit. Leather skinny pent makes perfect pair with lacy top and red blazer. You always feel relax in backless loafer style that give easy walk to you on road. Shoulder bag and sunglasses of ladies are also in black color to inspire others.

Casual Look:


Easy loafer enjoy you winter dressing like make the lady in above image. Dark brown color pent attire with black top and nude color long coat. Rock your style with shoulder length hair, sunglasses and slip your hand in pent pocket. Long winter coat keep you safe from cold and loafer shoes feel relax. Quality leather is used in crafting the loafer slipper.

Winter Look:


As earlier you wear gold buckle loafer shoes and slipped now try this one pointy loafer slipper style. Black color slipper wear with blue jeans and matching blazer and hang bags. White color button down shirt play hide and seek in open blazer. Best and easy winter style that you can quickly make. Sunglasses as keep you protect from sun rays as wrist watch alert with time.

Daily Fashions Look:


Long sweater dress attire the lady with black tights and faux backless leather loafer shoes. Big size tote bag helps the lady to make street style storage. With bang hair style she wear round sunglasses that make real street style look. Cozy v-neck gray color sweater make cute contras on black. Fluffy and soft feel the slipper when you walk on road.

Sexy Red Coat and Loafer Slipper:


Continue your denim pent with strip shirt even in winter. Now you can match red color warmth coat and fluffy faux leather slipper. Loafer slipper in this jeans dress styling familiarized your ruff look. But sunglasses and sexy red coat add great charm in your personality. People much impress when you get same color coat, loafer and strip shirt.

Wave Skirt Dressing and Leather Slipper:


Blush yellow wave skirt wears the youngest lady with silver glitter blazer. Black color gold buckle embellished leather slipper are easy feel for cat walk. Soft leather give you long walk without any injury. Skirt dressing and blazer is winter look that you can attain in these slippers. You can also take fast turn in flare skirt that spark due to silk satin fabric features.

Ripped Jeans & Leather Slipper:


New York street style fashion look you can get with ripped jeans and dark blue leather slipper. Loose fit cozy sweater keep warm up the body. Slipper back les style make with faux material that give soft touch to ankle. Ripped jean you can wear with folding cuff in which ankle become nude.
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