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Fashion look can’t be completed without stunning eyewear. Sunglasses are superb accessory must be included in every runway collection either spring or fall. Stylish and playful sunglasses excessively demanded during spring and summer day. Fashionary ladies show greater interested in adding gorgeous sunglasses to composed confident and cooler ensemble.

Sunglasses become statement fashion requirement especially in street styling. It protects eyes when you come in sun and also put in dab of sophistication and versatility. Designer offer incredible style of big glasses create huge buzz during this season.


Now come to latest 2017 eyewear fashion trends come on top of the feminine wish list. Michel Kors, Karen Walker, Loewe. Miu Miu, Alice and Olivia, Philiph Plein, Marni, D&G, Gucci and Louis Vuitton are influential label offer sizzling and statement style of oversize sunglasses. Let see what’s special they bring for you.

Dolce & Gabbana fruit enchant sunglasses:

Fruity flavor and sophisticate details expresses creativity of Dolce & Gabbana team.  Opt to Dolce & Gabbana spring 2017 eyewear if you want to feel pineapple and strawberry charm. Funky and nature-inspire over size sunglasses are in geometrical shapes with intricate fruit embellished atop. Metallic gold sunglasses are sizzling addition of Dolce & Gabbana latest collection.

Gucci hand acetate sunglasses:

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Gucci 2017 spring runway collection enchant with excellent details. Statement oversize sunglasses are one of them.  Over size sunglasses in cat-eye shape permit incredible appeal in black acetate hues.  Mother of pearl hand acetate details, light blue see through lenses, and G interlocking with acetate temples make darling eyewear for those ladies seeking for true Gucci elegance.
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Once again Gucci take you in disco era through breathtacking spring ensembles including glittery clothing. Heavy jewelry and crystal enchant eyewear. Pink color metal frame is in square shape that design with 60s inspiration. Hand applied crystal look fabulous. Jewel tone sunglasses really surprised you.

Fendi spring eyewear:

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These sunglasses are for those who are no more interested in simple sunglasses. Perfect statement sunglasses let you rock during this season is right here. Funky shape, eye-catching embellishment and totally seem through shade lenses ingeniously apply by Fendi for spring/summer eyewear assortment. Oversize statement sunglasses shape in bold butterfly lenses. Thin metal wire rim and Swarovski beaded embellished frame give fashion-worthy appeals.

Emporio Armani bog round aviator sunglasses:

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This time Emporio Armani comes with geometrical twist. Aviator sunglasses exquisite is statement style with geometrical details to give enchanting eyewear to loyal customers. Emporio Armani designs round double wire aviator sunglasses in brighter colors.

Blue and red metal framed sunglasses contain pure black lenses that look beautiful.  Bold and confident sunglasses are focal details of Emporio Armani 2017 spring Ready-to-Wear womanwear collection.

Elie Saab big round sunglasses:

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Sunshine lenses sunglasses are dramatic compliment of Elie Saab 2017 spring/summer runway collection. Yellow is oriented spring color seemed in Roberto, Versace, and Fendi and Elie Saab runway collection. Bog round sunglasses with embellished frame look flawless. These incredible eye-wears turn back head when you walk on crowded streets.

 Roberto Cavalli clears plastic sunglasses:

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Sweet and stylish Roberto Cavalli sunglasses make me amazed. Breathtacking pink plastic frame is in butterfly wing shape festooned with metallic silver beaded embellishment. Crystal clear lenses   convey focal charm to oversize sunglasses.

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