Polka dot is fabulous addition in winter and fall closets add up sweet expressions and transform prettiest appeals which attain attentions. Polka dotted sweater is eye-catching apparel perfect for this season. Wool knit polka dotted sweater fabulous layer up as top to get inspiration look in jeans, leather legging, skirts and shorts. Celebrities love to add polka dots in this street outfits. Let see how we get decent look in polka dotted sweater to make winter styling special and memorable.

Polka dot sweater and hot pink skirt:

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Copy this zingy street fall outfit best for the upcoming day when you are in need of such dress not to warm and not to cool.  Neon hues brilliantly indulge opulence and give you effortless appearance.  Green crew neck sweater top, fascinated with navy blue polka dot, contrasted with hot pink A-line midi skirt and navy blue pumps. It cool outfit for working out ladies.

Oversize polka dot sweater:

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Tuck in beige color polka dot sweater in black jogger pant to enhance breathtaking appeal. It black and beige color polka dotted over size sweater dress up as top to stay warm in cold day. Beaded statement necklace, metallic silver bottoms and shoulder strap leather bag are stunning details added to define this fall street outfit. Bateau neck loose fitted sweater top give enthreal look in sequin pant.

White polka dot sweater top:

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Stay fresh and comfortable in cozy fall outfits is secret of looking beautiful. Mix and match concepts become popular trend yet prints contrasting are quintessential trend grabs fashion conscious ladies.  You cam contrast two of more patterns to enhance stunning look either simple or sophisticated. Here a young lady grabbing my attention who ingeniously pick up polka dots and leopard print together. Polka dotted white sweater top, cuff fold jeans, and neutral color pumps short create lovely ensemble for special styling.

Black knit sweater with white polka dots:

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Follow this breathtaking street look if you are bigger fan of Jessica Alba.  It dreamy look giving you head turning appeals. Don’t matter you copy this street look. It let you able you to follow instant fashion trend without any difficulty. Blue jeans, polka dot sweater, infinity double wrap scarf and flat ballets transform lively ensemble. Its excellent solution of adding summer details in winter outfits.

Grey and white polka dotted sweater:

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Add statement charm to grace up personality by wearing grey and white polka dot sweater just like this trendy lady who dress your sweater as top along with denim jeans, knee length boots and ivory pashmina scarf wrap around the neck. It’s simple easy in copying. Must- has this to look different these days.

Funnel neck polka dot sweater:

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Polka dot of same color is lovely creation let to bring a twist and break down the uniqueness from your styling. Wool knit polka dotted funnel neck sweater is intellectual piece garbing attention. Layer is as top or gives dimension effect by dress up other top either strips or lace trimmed.

Green polka dot sweater and skirt:

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A do you want to go back in schooling period then try this cute school girl inspired fall outfit consisting over white polka dotted green sweater, baby collar white top and accordion pleated mini skirt.  Round frame sunglasses, fedora hat, leather bag give full coverage to give perfect school girl look.
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