Dear guise today wear bring blazer with skirt dressing style. You can enjoy this one skirt blazer outfit’s pair in summer of winter days. Pocket style Reissonline blazer allow you to wear with printed, collared, button down and t-shirt. Plain print pencil skirt gives nude legs beauty that best define women confidence in fashion accessory. Matching hand bags and footwear are best defining the women pretty personality. Scroll down the page to see images with detail!

Black Blazer with Green Pencil Skirt:


Personally I love with polka dot shirt over black blazer. Nature green color pencil skirt with thin leather belt develop great look. Modish lady adorn stocking in glossy heel shoes. Pink color hand bag as make best contras useful to make personal storage. Long thin necklace full fill the jewelry demand and wrist watch keep alert with time. Shoulder length wavy hair suit on women beauty look.

Strip Print Blazer Over With Coral Skirt:


Strip print blazer stitch with side pocket that are more effective in winter days. Coral skirt present women long nude legs that give him attractive look. Red color eye-cat sunglasses in shoulder length hair keep protect from dark sun rays. White color top holder bag give wide space to make storage. Easy summer street style that gives perfect look you can follow in above picture.

Blazer with Brown Leather Pencil Skirt:


Uniform beauty look develop under black blazer over white collared shirt. Long sleeve of button down shirt are show in black blazer layer. Brown color leather shirt has flare design that help in easy movement. Pointed toe flat ankle strip shoes make great contras with blazer dressing. Layered necklace also pick up the lady in collared neckline.

Reissonline Blazer with Sequin Skirt:


Reissonline blazer style working women get with sequin skirt. Zigzag style draw on pencil short skirt with silver pink sequin material. Nude color pointed toe heel shoes make love contras. Women long legs appear with high confidence level in heel shoes. She slip or hold flap over clutch under arm and impress other with strong beauty movement.

Turquoise Color Blazer & Floral Skirt:


Business lady get up the turquoise color blazer with white half sleeve button down shirt. Waist length blazer matches floral print pencil skirt. Knee length skirt offer women to enjoy brown color sparkling look heel footwear. Colorful bracelets and dye hair of lady impress so many customers. For every day beauty look mixes of plain ad print play amazing role.

Novelty Pink Blazer with Black Skirt:


Pink color always gives soft and prince outlook to women on casual or functional bases. Top shop blazer trim with white lace on waist. Black color strapless shirt neckline decorates with white button. White color eardrops and bracelets add pretty look in women personality. Pink color lips and blazer skirt dressing are give functional look to trendy girl.

Button Style Blazer & Orange Skirt:


Gray color blazer treats with golden button pockets. Warmth feels Leopard print button shirt covered in orange skirt. Golden belt gives rich beauty to modish lady in which she feel cool and comfortable. Dark brown color heel shoes and double belt hang bag are demand of modern age also bring modish look in women. Summer blazer with skirt dressing style I hope you also like.

Black Leather Blazer & Skirt:


Leather dressing keeps safe you in rainy season and also from hot weather. Extra length blazer wears the lady over short zipper skirt. White color jersey fabric t-shirt has stackable features and cool body touch. Strip print pointed toe shoes of women also come in dual color as skirt dressing. Big size hand bags give best storage when you are outdoor place.

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