1 creative bathroom shelf ideas (1)

Bathroom shelve is opulent accessory to ascent your modern bathroom with needy or decorative accessories. Floating wall mounted wooden shelves  can get splendid touch on  your latest style bathroom interior. These bath shelves are designed with floating style stair step style hanging style and many other styles.

Wooden or rustic style these shelves are used for multipurpose such as bathroom needy accessories like cotton buds cotton pieces shampoo towels toilet paper body lotion. You may also decorate these shelves with planter pot lanterns and decorative asserts.

Floating wooden decorative bathroom shelves:

2 creative bathroom shelf ideas (2)

Amazing! Rustic look wooden wall mounted storage shelves bring eye-pleasing hue on your modern bathroom interior. Commode back wall is richly fascinated with decorative items that can take place on floating shelves.  Planter pot photo frame wall clock candle holders and needy bath accessories are fascinated on these shelves and get splendid touch on your modern bathroom interior.

Wooden 3 steps shelves idea:

3 creative bathroom shelf ideas (3)

Rustic wooden 3 steps bath storage shelves can get center of attention on this richly embellished bathroom.  Top planter pot and decorative asserts are placed on first step shelf and other shelve is adorned with metallic jars and small towel stand and next shelve is also embellished with large towel basket and apothecary jar adoration. These multi functional wooden decorative storage shelves can appeals your bathroom interior.

Hanging bath decorative shelves design:

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Amazing black holder with white floating shelves brings mind-bowing hue on your modern bathroom interior. Rustic wooden wall tiles can grab the attention with their outstanding floating shelves. Black metallic shelve holder are looking fabulous with their great embellishments ideas.

Top shelve is arrange with toilet paper and next is adorned with wicker basket and bottles embellishment and last one is also adorned with towels planter pot and bathroom needy accessories.

Stair step chic decorative shelves design:

5 creative bathroom shelf ideas (6)

Wooden stair step like square shaped small floating shelves can get chic hue on your modern   bathroom interior. Well settled bathroom is designed with latest vanity table with mirror design along with commode and back storage shelves adoration idea.

Behind the commode wall chic decorative shelves can get astonishing glam on your bathroom interior. You may also pick up these chic shelve look and get splendid touch on your modern bathroom interior.

Multi functional bathroom shelve idea:

6 creative bathroom shelf ideas (9)

In this image you can see chic look toilet paper holding shelf. It can get multifunctional hue in your modern style bathroom. This rustic wooden floating shelf is used as planter or bath accessory and under toilet paper metallic holder. This lovely   multipurpose bathroom shelve can get center of attention on your bathroom interior décor.

Bathroom Storage shelves design:

7 creative bathroom shelf ideas (10)

Here you can see floating decorative shelves behind the bathtub wall. These shelves are richly fascinated with bathroom needed accessories. birdcage planter idea  and ceramic apothecary jar and next shelve is fascinated with towels cotton pieces jar an planter pot embellishment and last one is adorned with  apothecary jars lantern and mini towels idea. Let’s try on your modern bathroom and get eye-catching touch on your modern bathroom.

Chic bathroom storage idea on shelves:

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Wow! Well settled bathroom shelves can get tremendous glam on your modern bathroom indoor setting. Cotton buds and cotton piece filled glass jars and glass planter globe are adorned your bathroom shelve and get splendid touch on your bath interior decor.  Top shelve is also decorated with towels and cork fascinated glass jar embellishment.  Let’s try this chic idea for your stylish bathroom decoration.

Glass storage shelves design:

9 creative bathroom shelf ideas (12)

In this image you can see glass floating storage shelves for modern look black and white bathroom interior.  Top black and white scenery is fascinated on commode wall and gets uniqueness with storage shelves placement idea.  You may also add this lovely black and white combination bathroom interior and get spectacular touch with black glass storage shelves embellishment.
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