Modern style wood bar stool today here we explore with cool color and detail features. Comfortable rustic wood stool can enjoy in kitchen, bedroom study room and in home office. In this collection you will found variety. Stunning wood furniture in home add rich beauty that much inspire others. We get u-shaped computer stable stool, tripod stool, svelte counter stool, transit wood stool, folding step stool, guitar stool and so on. Look below!

Metal bar Stool:

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Simple but favorable industrial contemporary style stool are crafted with natural rustic maple wood material. High length bar stool have great features. Wood seat and black metal legs stool can attain for display the plant holder. Like in above image black pot that’s color match with bar stool legs look so interesting. For home purpose you can enjoy industrial metal stool.

U-Shaped Natural Wood Stool:

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Handmade u-shaped natural wood stool give perfect length in front of computer table. The above image stool is idea of Sarah husband josh that build a stool for her pretty wife that want to do computer work with tired free sitting. She say that when she feel comport seat share with her husband and he quickly use her sharp mind ad draw a really interesting stool.

Tripod Wood Stool:

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Tripod wood stool favorable for try room and loundry room. Walnut seat has under solid steel spring. You can make low and high length of stool with blue color spring detail. Helix bar stool blends perfectly for quiet environemnt. Three legs has each side foot note on that you can keep your legs when sit. Modern style wood stool like every one because its different length seat.

Svelte Counter Stool:

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In gray kitchen everything gives perfect look on its place. White ceramic counter top with top cone shape pendant globe will spark in dark night. Svelte counter stool are get match to flooring. With Thin nail legs interesting style seat of stool keep relax. Durable modern style stool need less material for continue keeping the strength of legs. Right seating shape of stool can know with less high back.

Transit Wood Stool:

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Transit wood stool are present elegant look beauty with metal legs. Half round base each leg of stool give free movement to legs. Deep seat with half cut style back come in to most modern kitchen furniture. Front wood table with under shelf help you to place your long legs. Coming people much impress with your taste about kitchen interior especially with modern transit wood stool.

Minima Wood Stool:

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Brick wall wood floor white kitchen has wood counter top. Dual color minima bar stool give fun idea in kitchen near to counter. Round smooth surface and half chocolate paint with skin end wood stool make focal image in food station. Under the above image style wood stool you can enjoy every direction. The color of rustic wood stool selected to make contras with counter top back end.

Wood Stool, for Music Room:

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Musical room wood chair is nice and interesting look addition. Four legs of chair are design with a stand that support your legs and back guitar. You can stand you favorite musical instrument back of wood stool. Upward movement of seat has a hole in which guitar can fix. When you lift your feet on foot note stool back guitar will get high length and you can get that easily.

Wood Folding Step Stool:

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A cute look little wood stool in modern style you can arranged in bedroom as bed side table or place in study room. Folding step stool is good for setting down the number of books. With above image define wood stool you can enjoy space saving idea. After use you can fold the table and arranged in room corner. You can enjoy long time durable favorable weight wood stool in your home.

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