Floating shelf, swing shelf or suspended shelf is different word spoken for same shelf easy-to-hang to grace empty wall. Hanging shelf assume statement maker furniture which transform entire home decoration. Ceiling and wall hanging shelf are eye-catching element bring uniqueness with elegance and style.

Suspended shelf mostly designs with wooden rack and robe tying details. Chain and wire also use for hanging purpose.  Industrial and diy crafted suspended shelf is dramatic piece accent living room, kitchen and bedroom wall interestingly. Here we bring amazing ideas to fascinate wall with floating shelves.

Macramé hanging shelf:

2Floating Shelf with rope (17)

Let this handmade suspended shelf to float on wall in living room. Diy crafted macramé and wooden slat crafted triple tiered shelf id fabulous addition in living room space that allure empty wall but also provide additional storage space. Vintage mercury vase, glob and tins smartly arrange to enhance noticeable results.

Diy floating shelf:

3 Floating Shelf with rope (2)

Diy project are smart way to fascinate how without spending extra budget. In this way you can feel deep happiness and proud to become owner of such interesting thing. Diy crafted floating self incredibly fix to treat beside the window wall. Metal pipe, jute robe and wooden boards ingeniously transform in suspended shelf.  It’s whimsical idea to bring uniqueness in home interior.

Wooden floating shelf:

4 Floating Shelf with rope (7)

Rustic-inspired handmade floating shelf is eye-catching compliment for traditional and contemporary home interior decoration yet it quite miss-fit in modern home. Reclaimed wood slat which painted in white color convert into shelf by making holes in side.

Jute robe use for hanging purposes. Finally self hand over the wall with the help of hooks.  Vintage scenery, ceramic cactus planter, old book stack and printed bowl nicely arranged on shelf for decoration purpose.

Handmade floating shelf:

5 Floating Shelf with rope (12)

Fabulous! Look this living room wall cover with suspended shelf.  It shows artistic taste to the owner.  Black robe and polished wooden board crafted hanging shelves dramatically installed on wall that create eye-catching pattern. Top selves dangle along ceiling while other hangs with the shelf just hand over it.  Glass planter, lamp, photo frame and other decoration piece ingeniously set to get visible charm. Fascinate statement wall to pop-in wow factor.

 Easy hanging shelf:

6 Floating Shelf with rope (6)

Look this opulent pair of suspended shelves suitable of modern home interior decoration. Sleek and stylish shelf grabs attention when someone enters in home. You can hang then in corridor, Foyer, living and kitchen areas.  Plywood base and wine accent robe crafted floating shelves mounted on wall. These shelves are easy to hang.  Geometrical–inspired terrarium and planters are amazing material to adorn shelf.

Floating bedside shelf:

7 Floating Shelf with rope (10)

Raw edge finishing or living wood crafted floating shelf is jaw-dropping element bring versatility and elegance in home space. Adorn reading and napping corner in front of window in bedroom.  Suspended shelf hangs lust like a swing to cover the corner. Its catching furniture creates natural vibe to accent peaceful corner.

Suspended shelf:

8 Floating Shelf with rope (16)

Timber crafted suspend shelf look awesome with green accent. I’m impressed the way of hanging shelf on wall. Triple tiered floating shelves, different in size, incredibly hang by using green color robe without any knot.

Top shelf graced with small pebbles, second is for book organization and final one is for vase and decoration pieces placement. Modern yet rustic inspired floating shelf is adorable compliment of modern home interior decoration.
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