Luxurious, relaxing and high-end boathouse is amazing idea for living over the water it’s fun making enthralling way to keep closer to the waves either lake or ocean. You feel refresh and energetic in this peaceful and noiseless environment. If you feeling bored from fast urban livings then adopt this cool and calming living. Boart house ate also known as floating dock house architecturally designs to provide perfect   living station far away for retro life. Here we bring stunning and adventurous boathouse hope you like it.

Landscaping Floating House:


Dramatically design double storey floating dock boathouse floating over the sea water near Acton Island. Lower level design with two boat slips and dock while upper level consist two bedrooms, Bathroom, kitchen and living area. Sun deck also designs on upper portion as you enjoy sun light. Steel, fiber glass, and pine wood used to construct this magnificent boat house.

Playful Rounded Houseboat:


Ultra-modern, Luxurious and playful double storey ocean floating rounded boathouse is splendid house for executives and high-class personalities. Dock and living room in lower portion while bedroom and bathroom in on upper storey. Upper sun desk is amazingly bounded with stylish railing and lower dock is adorned with chain and pole railing. It’s pleasant floating house   taking you away from earth life.

Floating Docked House:


This one is simple yet exotic floating platform  hose designs by Arkiboat who took nine month to designs this elegant prototype. Wood and glass crafted floating house is float in Sydney the city of Australia. This dwelling home boat is inspiration creation from whom having sea-living aspiration. It’s full furnished home having kitchen, bedrooms and living areas.

Alloppey, Kerala Boathouse:


Its playful and outstanding house boat looking near Alloppey, Kerala in India which captures attention due o it’s unique and eye-pleasing look. Rattan and wicker crafted this architectural home boat. Traditional black boat with home structure provides basic of spending live over the water. You can enjoy   gorgeous scenes and widely spread palm trees on bank of the river.

Wood Crafted Boathouse:


It’s cool and enthralling lake Oswego boathouse for adventurous and water lover s. its unique and unusual square shaped dwelling dock house   designs with wood structure, wood dock,   mirror and mirror windows looking gorgeous. It’s also have stair use to reach over the landscaping area.

Ultra-Modern Boat House Apartment:


Salt and water Architecture and Yacht designed ultr-modern. Highly versatile catamaran house boat is spectacular creation. It amazing designs by keeping modern living styles. It has unique and splendid outer lay out but the most interesting thing its inner design. When you go inside you fine a bedroom, kitchen,   hall with storage area and the most attention grabbing   element is loft which design just over the living room. It’s best apartment living   accommodation for 2 to 4 people.

Nautilus Houseboat with Open Lifestyle:


Nautilus designs this modern Nautino floating boat house for trendy people. It provides luxurious lifestyle living on water. It’s popular and demanding houseboat areas around New York. Wood flooring, full lower and upper deck is design to provide high-end life style to epitome class. image015