I’m totally opposed against the throwing of glass bottles in dustbin when you have timeless ideas to recycle it to get functional and decorative benefits.  Wine and other glass bottle have dramatic project to adorn home yet the most incredible thing is glass bottle planters.

Wind bottle planter is in playful designs set everywhere in home.  This planter is placed inside and out of the house.  Wine bottle planter is elegant complement to décor kitchen to treat window.   Here we reveal glass bottle planter you never look first.

Wine bottle tabletop planter:

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Glass bottle planter is playful and fun making diy project reflect to talent and artist thought. You can ad good impression through this unique and extraordinary bottle planter.  Plant is blessing of god bring natural accent in home ambiance.  They amazingly unify with every interior either rustic or   retro.  Wine glass bottles are richly uses as planter pot in these days.  Here wine bottle cut from side to plant succulent plants.  Two bottle planters is set as table top centerpiece place over fabric mat along with candle votive also design with wine bottles.

Glass bottle chandelier with plants:

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Can you ever imagine a chandelier with planter pot? I think not? Look at this combo of planter and candle hurricanes.  It’s too elegant and versatile decorative complement which makes you surprised. Here wine bottles are amazingly set in metal frame and adorn with blue flower plant and candles to shaped outdoor chandelier. It’s romantic chandelier to light up backyard or garden space in unique way.

Self watering bottle planter:

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Few plant need little amount of water to grow up may damage if water them directly. So they have to need special planters. Here we have a cute and lovely planter named s self water planter design by using diy techniques.  Transparent glass bottles which give clear view are best for this planter.  Take bottle and cut it in desire shape then grow plant in top portion of bottle and fill bottom half with water.  Prior inserting   potting mud insert cotton strings in it which have ability to absorb water.  Now put planter pot on water filled half   now it ready to become table top planter.

Mini herbal bottle garden:

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It’s better to add something then nothing. Diy planter is inexpensive and attention catching element perfectly matched with indoor and outdoor decoration.  Garden becomes a need in home either small or larger. Plants purify the surrounding and clam you eyes.  Here mini herbal garden is deigned with diy material.  Wine bottle planter with red robe wrapping is hand with brass rode stand. It’s chic idea to treat   outdoor garden wall.

Up cycled wine bottle planter:

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This one is interesting and heart touching idea to recycle wine bottle to give it functional and purposeful life. Plants are best natural element filter air and create lovely surrounding.  If you have not enough space to design individual garden in home don’t be obsessed. Just try this cost effective planter cove less space. You can set these mini planter everywhere in home either in kitchen or in living room as table top centerpiece.  Take two bottles and cut them in different length and then fill button half with potting mud and glow plants, herbs or succulent whatever you want.

Concrete and bottle planter idea:

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Plants are inviting complement in garden which bring   visible charm and natural accent in home exterior.  Stylish and adorable planter pots which set beside the driveway, porch, and patio grabs attention and release good impression on visitor.  Wine bottle have flawless use also become focal decorative item in diy projects. Here concert planter is amazingly adorned with green glass bottles. It gives clean and clear look and bring wow factor in garden space.

Interesting wine bottle planter:

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Wine bottle  is exclusive material  widely use in diy project  especially  when  there is a matter of decorating  small  space  home, apartment and other places.   Wine bottle   planter is cool and chic thought to treat small space home.  Here plain wall is splendidly adorned with wall mounted wine bottle planers.  It’s awesome way to treat larger wall within budget.  Sets of four bottles are drilled on wall with same distance grabbing attention. It’s cool and refreshing sitting arrangement in functional buildings.

Lovely glass bottle hanging planter:

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Metallic chain hanging glass bottles is inspirational plan to bring natural touch inside the home all wall as in garden. It’s good option to insert greenery if you have no specific space on ground. Ceiling hanging planter is clever idea to create mini indoor plant garden.   Bottom of Clear glass wine bottle is removed and then plant indoor plant inside them and finally hang them with ceiling   with the help of metal chain.  You can hand these planter in porch, patio and balcony to get visible display.

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