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Up cycling an old and vintage inspired thing in to new shape is my favorite topic. Old thing inspired me as they bring classical and arty charm in home space.  Old ladder is flawless decorative complement amazingly use to adorn bare wall,   empty corners. Ladders also have functional benefit along with decorative features.  It‘s splendidly works as book storage shelf, towel hanger, planter stand and show racks.  Here we bring unique and extraordinary ideas to up cycle old ladder in creative way.

2how to use ladder in home decor

Free standing ladder shelf:

3wooden ladder decoration in home

This one is ultimate solution to arrange books, magazines, and centerpiece at single pace to bring dramatic accent in living or bedroom area.  Old vintage ladder   is freely stand provide enough space to organize things on painted wood board place between both side of ladder.

Bare wall decoration with ladder:

4wall hanging Diy ways to reuse an old ladder

Here ladder is brilliantly drilled on wall which surprisingly make compartment on wall filled with individual decorative complement such as candle hurricane, Christian cross, planter pot and mirror.  This one is opulent ideas to adorn bedroom wall. Rough painted ladder blend with home interior.

Shabby chic look in kitchen:


Wood ladder bring rustic and stubby hic charm in contemporary kitchen inspired with cottage lifestyle.   Ladder row step provide more space to arranged kitchen accessory like spice jar, crockery and other kitchen staple.  Blue color wall, white cabinets with slight   woody touch is enduring decoration grabbing attentions.

Stunning ladder planter stand:

6wooden ladder for home decorative with plats pot

Green plants bring natural touch in home surrounding relaxed mind and relief stress.   Old ladder stand with green planter pots is chic and interesting ideas to create little garden inside the home if you do not have enough space for larger garden. Stylish green vine succulent and cactus planter is set on wood pallet boards which place step-by-step on wood ladder.

Recycled ladder headboard:

7Diy ways to reuse an old ladder

Headboard wall decoration with ladder is whimsical ideas create wow factor. It’s cost effective and   inspiration   decoration idea   which bring cute and lovely accent.  White painted ladder is horizontally   fixed on dark green wall adorn with photos and mini centerpieces.

Combining two ladders for more charm:

8Two ladders with boards between them make creative shelving

Combo of two wood ladders with large board between the ladders is interesting and playful addition in contemporary home. Here rustic ladders are set beside the wall on darker wood floor in home office which blends with neutral interior.  You can organize office files, book and other stationary boxes in unique way.  The most visible thing is round globs style lamp   set in ladder shelf.

Ladder handing chandelier:

9Creative Ways to Use Ladders for Vintage Home Decorating

Traditional dining room Dining room in neutral color scheme furnished with dark brown classic furniture, wood floor and beige color floor rug.  Robe ceiling hanging ladder with hanging lanterns is dramatically used as hanging chandelier which is visible complement attract anyone. Suspended ceiling ladder with hanging lantern bring instant glow and warmth ton in dining room atmosphere.

Ladder towel holder:

10Instead over door acks try hanging towels

Ladder is impressive and fun making decorative element magnificently bring in home in creative way such as ladder towel and clothing stand in bathroom or living room. Its smart storage ideas bring dramatic   charm in bathroom space.

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