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Sofa arm tray is inviting and visible compliment in living and  entertainment room where you can enjoy movies and  dramas  with a cup of tea and snakes.  Sofa tray  allow smooth surface to put   coffee table  on it without any risk of falling.  Sofa tray is also known as  armrest tray, couch art table tray and coffee table which available in different material such as bamboo, oak, walnut and pine wood.  Stainless  steel, metals and acrylic  are other material  used to design  elegant sofa tray which permit enough space to hold coffee cup,  remote, mobile, magazines and popcorn basket and snakes plate. Here we dispatched noticeable couch arm tray design really bring decorative glance along with functionality.

Natural bamboo wood arm tray:

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This one is opulent arm tray wrapped around the sofa arm allow you to put coffee or tea cup when you enjoy movies.  Bamboo stick crafted bendable tray is easily folded bring natural accent in living room space.  Its awesome tray adjusted with couch or love sofa.

Hardwood sofa arm tray with storage slot:

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Oak and walnut wood crafted arm try are best complement in living rooms. It can easily adjusted on sofa, couch, love seat that provide a smooth station to keep cup, glass, remote, mobile and any other accessory. It elegant addition in home space also have side slot which allow to organizing magazines and booking which you recently read.

Flat surface sofa armtray:

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Arm tray is also known as sofa TV table which permit you to puts drink glass,   mobile and any other thin. You can give rest to your arm while watching the TV.   Wood crafted  sofa arm tray have flat and smooth  surface  allow you to balance your hand while handling the glass or cup of coffee,  square top  arm tray is  easily adjusted on rounded, square couch arms.  It also have organizing slot pocket tend you to place TV remotes. It’s safe and secure corner where remotes do not have any threat or losing and breaking.

Adorable couch armtable:

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Soft and delicate finishing of this arm tray brings artistic touch in living area.  Reclaimed salvage wood crafted table tray is especially design doe sectional sofa, couch and lover seater. Handmade couch rest tray have 12×7 inches square top which provide enough space to out something.  It designs in thinner and wider arm for different sofas.

Armrest table with organizing slots:

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Sofa arm tray is durable and cost effective complement increase the life time of sofa. Its eye-pleasing rest stands beneficial   in both ways decorative of functional. It’s wonderful choice for smart space homes, apartments, condo and man cave theme homes as it also permit storage benefits. Side slot is use to organize   magazines,  remotes and other thing like mobile charger, keys.

Floor standing  sofa arm table:

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It’s too difficult to bend and  come forward to pick  TV remote, coffee and snakes  plate from coffee table.  Something  drinks suddenly knocking out of the glass  which is not for you and also for sofa.  To bring out of this condition bring comfortable and relaxing arm  tray that really works.  It  relief you from up and  downs for picking up remote. Stylish and eye-pleasing tray  brings elegance and  chic charm in home space and  never let the crumbs or drink drop to  fell on floor or sofa. You can set this floor standing arm tray as end table:

Stunning armrest  couch tray:

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Sofa tray is also beneficial if living lounge is filled with guest and  person sit away from the coffee table  feel difficulty in getting access to the coffee and  snakes. Set a spate tray and sever him  on his seating place.  Couch arm try make it easy to keep the dish and enjoy delicious  snaked without the risk of falling down.

Walnut wood Sofa tray:

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Sofa tray is not only for couch arm you can use it as lap table of sofa seat tray. This one is eye-popping armrest table design wit Brazilian walnut wood. It natural hue bring soft and delicate flavor in living lounge. You can easily port them in kitchen when you have not need of it.

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