Dry your kitchen dishes with over the over sink drying rack. Amazing look different styles and material big to small size drying rack keep unique look to your kitchen. You can make your work easier under these dish dry rack. In our collection stainless and plastic material drying rack are collected. Theses rack has these designs like slat rack, folding rack, in sink rack, flow drainer, hanging dish rack, simplex rack, and collapsible drying rack.

Slat Drying Rack:


Slat drying rack made of wood and stainless steel material. Flat rack center design with horizontal shape natural wood sticks that fill in slim steel rode. You can easily set the rack on sink for drying the kitchen utensils. Under the above image define slat rack you can stand plate and keep glass in down position. When pots become dry on slat rack than pick up the utensils and display or store in cabinets.

Stainless steel in sink dish drainer:


Light weight deep in style stainless steel in sink dish drainer is useful item in your modern kitchen. You can easily perform your work under perfect style dish strainer. You can dry quickly plate, glass and hang spoon basket inside the strainer. Side stand of strainer you should push on sink borderline that can bear the weight of kitchen pots.

Flow Dish Drainer:


Go with a flow dish drainer that made with steel material. Smooth surface of drainer allow water to flow back instead of resting on washed utensils. Drops of water that stay on them after washing call susceptible germs. Slim and smart flow dish drainer both side rubber legs are design that give height to drainer from sink.

Simplex Drain Board:


Simplex drain board just slips over the long size sink. Stainless steel drain board legs ends are paint in black that matched with kitchen glossy countertop. You can drain all types of kitchen utensils easily on this one big size drainer. Modern style dish drainer give interesting look to your kitchen. Now it’s time to renew your kitchen with wonderful drainer.

Luxurious Hanging Dish Drying Rack:


Big size luxurious look hanging dish drying rack place over the sink. Steel legs high length rack has single rack on that you can display plats and small bowls for dry purpose. Outside of drying rack give you space to make storage of cutting board and knife hanging. Under dish rack plant pots and vintage style candle decorates.

Collapsible dish drainer:


Collapsible dish drainer you can fold after using. Extendable arms of drainer can expand and you can fit easily over the sink for drying the kitchen utensils. Removable drying rack made with plastic material that fast drying the water drops. With this wonderful drying rack you can quickly do other work after folding the rack. It will give you as space as you want.

Folding Dish Drying Rack:


Amazing look this one folding dish drying rack that crafted with stainless steel material you can look in above image. Cooling rack organize with gadget stuff. With glossy steel rack orange color stuff give focal image that helps in folding. This one drainer you can quickly slip over the sink and after dry the utensils save in drawers or cabinets.
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