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Wall art become hottest demand of modern interior decoration. You cannot enhance desire result without wall decoration. Simple wall are not favorable option. You have to accent wall with different decorative material such as floating shelf, photo collages, mirror, and wall paper or even with art-inspired wall hanging. All these decoration demand more time and budget.

Go for pompom wall decoration to get desire result without spending extra budget and time. Pompom wall hanging is effective solution for living room, bedroom and nursery room wall decoration. Here we bring wonderful ideas of pompom wall decoration must hack to accent wall dramatically.

Pompom and tassel wall hanging:

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Pop in refreshing tones to accent modern living room without spending extra budget. Just bring in yarn of different color and make lovely pompom and tassel wall hanging at home, it easy and fun making task. Wider color pompom and tassel dangle down with wooden strict through macramé strings. It adorable wall hanging allure white wall just behind the sofa which also fascinate with tassel embellished cushion.

Colorful pom-pom wall decoration:

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Pompom is cute and chic element suits to all home interior traditional-contemporary, rustic-modern and classical-boho. You can accent simple wall with pompom art anywhere anytime. It looks awesome in adult room as well as nursery rooms. Pompom wall hanging is excellent source of popping colors in artistically.

Look this intellectual corner for the room set for reading purpose. Eye-catching planter pots, Cubic stool, pedestal table and pompom wall hanging are statement material of this creative decoration. Geometrical-inspired round wall hanging fascinated with intricately crafted pompom that look awesome.

Pompom kid room wall art:

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We already explain that pompom is perfect option for kid and nursery room decoration.  Pompom wall hanging can attract children attention. Choose more color for white wall decoration. Kid room are full of color that’s why single color pompom doesn’t covey they require result.

More color more elegance. Hack this eye-catching wall hanging crafted with raw tree branch, white thread and yarn in different color. Make multi-sizes pompoms with yarn and then tie them with white thread to make garland. Finally tie them with tree branch as show in above photo. Now it ready to grace your kid room wall.

Pom-pom dream-catcher wall:

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Pompom dream catcher is romantic decorative compliment display on visible wall in living room. Here we bring interesting pompom dream catcher accent the wall behind the console table.  Flower woven hoop, turquoise color tassel and chunky pompom adorably bring in use to create jaw-dropping dream catcher. Pompom stems put in ceramic vase to create uniformness in wall and console table decoration.

Diy pom-pom and hoops wall art:

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Diy pompom and hoop wall art is interesting compliment of modern home. It’s look attractive. Colorful pompom and silver foil wrap multi-sizes hoop artistically connected to fascinate the wall behind console table.

Easy handmade pompom wall hanging:

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Dual color pompom and fringe decorative wall hanging is pleasant addition in living and bedroom. You can use for bead headboards and napping cover wall decoration. Look this handmade wall hanging easily craft at home. Bring in small rings, glue, tree branch and two color yarn.

First make pompom yarn equal in number of rings. Now connect all rings by using glue. It depends over choice yet here we make 3X3 frame, make fringes with yarn thread by tie them with bottom rings. Finally paste pompom on each ring. Light color on top and darker color in bottom.

Dolly and pompom headboard wall:

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Crochet and lace dollies decorative hoops ingeniously connected together to form dramatic boho-chic headboard wall hanging. Yarn and pompom streamers flow down to get subtle look. Its elegant crafted must capture your attentions.

Rainy clouds pompom wall hanging:

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Awesome! Hack it jaw-dropping diy craft to fascinate kid room wall. Rainy cloud wall hanging shaped with pompom. Grey pompom combines to form cloud while colorful drop-like pompom dangles down to give rainy effects. It’s beautiful and easy craft for kid’s room decoration.

Diy pompom wall hanging:

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Sophistically crafted multi-color pompom garland and tree branch decorative wall hanging create dramatic display to allure the corner wall.

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