Today we are going introduce the most amazing diy barrel staves archives. Mostly we consider such material unnecessary and throw it away. You can make interesting thing with such material with diy projects. Productive and cost effective diy ideas allow you to add personal tone in home interior and exterior decoration.

Barrel staves are one from recycles material need you attention. You can create different thing at home without spending extra budget.  Follow us to get awe-inspiring wine barrel staves decoration hack to bring ease in life with lots of fun.
Playful barrel staves planter stand:

2 stunning Barrel stave decoration ideas (10)

Insanely gorgeous wood barrels stave and metals ring recycled diy plant holder is versatile addition in every home. Circular framed with build in stave rack is ideal solution to set diy wine bottle planter or vase. It’s amazing thing suit to both interior and exterior decorations moods. Smart and playful barrel stave planter holder transforms the way of planting.
3 stunning Barrel stave decoration ideas (4)

Reclaimed, very old, oak wood barrel stave use to make handsome and whimsically unique decorative complement. Streamline indoor space such as living areas with elegant wall mounted planter holder.  Simply staves and Mason jar stand is best alternative to bring nature inside home. Fresh flower arrangements or mini herbal gardening both are favorable option for these holders.

Creative wine barrel staves wall sconces:

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Lighting is second major factor effects modes of interior decoration. Warmth and chic light through sconces indulge opulence. Eco-friendly wooden barrel staves amazingly involve in wall mounted scones light holder creation.  Remarkably stylish barrel stave it festive addition in any home. No one imagine via it made at home or brought from market.
5 stunning Barrel stave decoration ideas (11)

Pops in vintage vibe through sturdy and subtle-chic wall mounted wall sconces. Curvy barrel stave with iron hardware make delightful holder for candle placement.  Lock phenomenal decorative hack to lit-up corridor, entrance and even bedrooms.

Super smart barrel staves bar shelf:

6 stunning Barrel stave decoration ideas (8)

What you thing about doing something unique and even more attention grabbing diy project for organizing wine bottles.  Barrel stave shelving and racks are best idea to unify the moods. Wine in barrel and wine bottle and barrels stave rack how impressive is it.

Create space saving yet smart home bar by making such appealing shelves.  Position two barrel staves, after drilling holes, as show in above photo to enhance breath tacking bar-like feeling.
7 stunning Barrel stave decoration ideas (9)

Wooden barrel staves and ring incredibly upcycle into dreamy-chic wine bottle holder.  Wine barrels ring cut and slightly bend for wine bottle holding purpose. Two barrel staves positioned in parallel direction vertically for opulent home bar creations.

Amazing barrel stave wall clock:

8 stunning Barrel stave decoration ideas (7)

Wooden barrel staves with hand painted numbers incredibly bring in used to form eye-catching wall clock.

Diy barrel Stave table top candle holder:

9 stunning Barrel stave decoration ideas (6)

Table top candle hurricane or candle holder is amazing way to lighten up dinning and coffee table. It best for both decorative and functional prospective.  Wine bottle and barrel stave candle holder develop cozy and romantic feelings.

Upcycle staves stool:

10 stunning Barrel stave decoration ideas (2)

Barrel staves a wine ring upcycle into a stool.  You can also design end table in same way.

Barrel staves home number display:

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If you look for interesting home plate than steal this stand-out idea. Barrel stave with gold alloy numbering grabs visitor’s attentions.

Repurpose barrel stave shelf:

12 stunning Barrel stave decoration ideas (12)

Adorable and productive wooden shelf, mounted on wall, is repurposing form of barrel staves. Battle staves. Iron rings and some hardware collects to recycle barrel staves into sturdy shelf.

Wine barrel staves towel organizers:

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Wooden barrels staves adorable involve in handsome box designing that utilized for towel organizing.

Barrel stave serving dish:

14 stunning Barrel stave decoration ideas (14)

Curvy reclaimed wood barrel staves ingeniously used to make eye-catching serving dish.